“Europe has thrown the quality of life into the sanctions furnace,” Putin declared

“Europe has thrown the quality of life into the sanctions furnace,” Putin declared
“Europe has thrown the quality of life into the sanctions furnace,” Putin declared

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the quality of life of people in Europe and the socio-economic stability of Europe are being thrown into the “sanction furnace” due to the maintenance of the US dictatorship’s interests in world affairs. The head of the Kremlin stated this on Wednesday at the meeting of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. The agency informed about it TASS.

“The achieved level of industrial development in Europe, the quality of life of European citizens, socio-economic stability, all this is thrown into the furnace of sanctions at the behest of Washington, the infamous Euro-Atlantic unity. The quality of life of European citizens and the stability of Europe is actually being sacrificed in order to maintain the dictatorship of the United States in world affairs,” Putin said.

At the meeting of the economic forum, he further stated that the government in Kyiv is an illegitimate regime that came to power after a coup in 2014, p According to Russian agencies, he also rejected accusations that Russia violates international law. According to Putin, Russia is only strengthening its own sovereignty with its activity in Ukraine. He said he believes that his country will eventually become stronger and develop faster.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West adopted a number of sanctions that apply to the import of various Russian goods as well as to specific companies or individuals. Due to sanctions on Russia, the country has sharply reduced natural gas supplies to the European Union and this week said it had completely shut down the Nord Stream gas pipeline because of the sanctions.

European leaders say Moscow is using energy as a weapon. The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, was once considered a symbol of cooperation between the world’s biggest powers. But now he has become the subject of mutual accusations between Berlin and Moscow.

The Kremlin, on the other hand, says that the West caused the energy crisis by imposing the toughest sanctions on Russia in modern history. According to Putin, this is comparable to declaring an economic war.

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