“We’re attacking Crimea.” Kyiv claimed the strikes, which spooked the Russians

“We’re attacking Crimea.” Kyiv claimed the strikes, which spooked the Russians
“We’re attacking Crimea.” Kyiv claimed the strikes, which spooked the Russians

The Ukrainian General Staff admitted the responsibility of the Russian army for the August missile strikes against Russian bases in the occupied Crimea. In an article for the Ukrinform agency, Chief of the Ukrainian General Staff Valery Zaluzhny and Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament Mykhailo Zabrodskyi wrote this.

In it, the pair wrote about the goals of the Ukrainian army for 2023. One of them is that the effects of the war in Ukraine should be felt by ordinary Russians, and they called the attacks on the Crimean bases, “especially the Saka air base,” an example of this strategy.

Ukraine has so far denied responsibility for the August events, although there have been speculations about them. For example, a source in the Ukrainian government confirmed it to the American television CNN.

“When the defense minister says he doesn’t know anything about Ukraine doing it, everyone knows it was them. No one doubts that. The Russians could not have smoked so many cigarettes to cause such explosions,” said Ukrainian analyst Mykhaylo Samus in a recent interview for Seznam Zpravy.

At the time, some Russians were frightened by the strikes in Crimea, which indicates the success of the now openly declared Ukrainian tactics.

As a result of the explosions, the Kerch bridge connecting the annexed peninsula with the rest of Russia was filled with cars with people trying to leave the peninsula, Britain’s Sky News reported, citing reports from the scene. The bridge was supposed to be at a record high. Ukrainian sources then described queues forming in front of the railway station in the Crimean capital of Simferopol.

The war in Ukraine

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