Ukraine claimed responsibility for the attacks in Crimea. We will strengthen, believes the general

Ukraine claimed responsibility for the attacks in Crimea. We will strengthen, believes the general
Ukraine claimed responsibility for the attacks in Crimea. We will strengthen, believes the general

In an article written together with Mykhailo Zabrodsky of the Security Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament and published by the Ukrinform agency, Zaluzhnyi talks about “successful efforts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to physically transfer the zone of hostilities to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.”

“This was carried out by a series of successful missile attacks on enemy air bases in Crimea, primarily on the Saki airport,” the chief of the Ukrainian General Staff revealed.

The general believes that the war will not end this year. The task of the Ukrainian forces is that there will be more attacks like the one in Crimea in the following year, and that “these experiences will be even sharper and more tangible for the Russians and other occupied regions.”

In a footnote, Commander Zaluzhny adds details that the attack was a “combined strike” that took place on August 9. The commander states that he has put ten fighter planes “out of action”.

Zaluzhnyi identifies Crimea as an important base for Russian supply routes on the southern flank. On the peninsula itself, it is possible to deploy a considerable amount of soldiers and military equipment, which is ensured by an extensive network of airports, not to mention the main naval base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The attacks in Crimea have not only a military, but also a psychological effect. The commander cites a sense of “impunity” as a key impetus for the Russian invasion. Ukraine wants to achieve the attacks in Crimea, that Russia will get rid of this feeling.

According to Zalužný and Zabrodsky, the war is far away for the Russians. “Thanks to this distance, the citizens of the Russian Federation do not feel so painfully the losses, failures and most importantly – the cost of this war in all its meanings,” the report reads.

An explosion and fire were reported from Russia’s Saka airbase in western annexed Crimea on August 9. Russian authorities said at the time that munitions had exploded in warehouses there, and Kyiv denied attacking the base. More explosions rocked the north of the peninsula in mid-August, this time outside air bases.

Warning of World War III

The general warns that a sense of impunity could lead Moscow to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine. He notes that the damage at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant indicates that Russia does not take nuclear matters seriously.

“The possibility of direct involvement of the world’s leading powers in a limited nuclear conflict, bringing the prospect of World War III closer, cannot be ruled out,” warns Zaluzhny. To avoid this scenario, world powers should deploy “the entire arsenal of means at their disposal.”

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