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One of the main events of the decline of culture is the great French Revolution. Oban rose to the throne of Louis XVI and captured the Bastille. It meant a lot of trouble, and the evening’s effort ended with a guillotine test. At least that’s how it was in our djinch.

Rebel against the monarchy, you will lose anything, if you are opposed by merciless robots. In the alternate timeline of the Steelrising axis, things didn’t turn out so well for the rebels. Louis XVI was harsh against the rebellion and sent robots automatons. The entire Pa turned into a dream, no one was killed by the mad robot. Queen Marie Antoinette has a secret ace up her sleeve. One automaton, his personal pusher, is different from the others. M even the name Aegis.

Spiders pay homage to Bloodborne with the main heroine. Aegis psob, as if Doll had stumbled into a Pae-controlled robot on vacation from her cozy Hunters Dream. You can easily adjust the Aegis on the butt. Choose the appearance of your machine and specialization. It affects sweat stats and entertainment.

Many have tried to replicate the combat system and feeling of FromSoftware games. Steelrising is not Bloodborne, and with the dream, with me. The game features in what defines a soulslike title. Collect the duiki’s universal currency, here called Anima Essence. When I kill you, you have one chance to get the essence back, otherwise disappear for good. Your oasis of calm is Vestal, a town where you shop, upgrade and level up. Even the lore is similar at first, among other things through item descriptions and door-to-door conversations. Ve is as m bt. Japanese precision, experience with German and vt start but the title of mistakes. It is not only about the combat system, but also about the level design and the atmosphere of the world.


Soulslike (or souls-like and soulsborne) is a subgenre of action hero games (or action adventure games) known for their high frequency and the path laid on the course primarily through its own environment.

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Literally copy spiders from your pattern. It doesn’t seem like a calculus. Sp upmn desire to stick to the original. In addition, Japan’s FromSoftware was heavily inspired by the French film Le pacte des loups 2001 when developing Bloodborne. That’s how the people in the copy shop are quite happy. Disturbing sounds of pipes snapping or dramatic signaling sounds when entering a new location are hallmarks of Bloodborne and now Steelrising. Throw in the backdrops of devastated, ancient Pae and you have a pretty solid foundation for a similar atmosphere.

Compared to other Soulsborne games, the fight is slower. The robots of the late eighteenth century will be masters of acrobatics and mortality. They are mostly clumsy bandas recruited from ad helper robots. Their original job was to cut down the virgin, to entertain the spoiled with music and to work in the mines. Aegis is unique not only because it speaks and thinks for itself. As a dancing robot built for weapons, it is agile and agile. Thanks to its speed and lethality, it is always useful. The threat is you, not the automatons. All you have to do is jump into the robot’s back and deal a hard blow, and the poor thing doesn’t even know what’s going on. Fights are free, especially if you choose a light, fast weapon. Aegis can jump and parry, etch combos, light flows, heavy and special. Even so, they would need finishing. Light flows from a jump are almost useless.

Noticeably twitches in moments when the robots are in a dangerous position. You can use the weight of the bag to your advantage. If you manage to deal enough blows to the raging robot in quick succession, it will be immobilized and ready for a super powerful finishing blow. He will not only bite off a piece of food that is healthy for him, but if it is directed correctly, it will also repel insects around. I don’t know if it was the creator’s death, but it introduced a new strategic element to the game. He gave a way to get rid of the vt sbrana, is to let them mow down each other. Neptelsk flows also mature other robots. Aegis is also capable of stealth flow if it sneaks up on the robot from behind undetected.

The main character wields many unique weapons. From quick extendable grapples to heavy discs and combo magic weapons, capable of melee and floor flow. Each weapon has different properties and scaling in other attributes. A foreign magical weapon has many attributes. They can also cause damage from fire, frost or electricity. Use magick flows and don’t ask. If the gauge fills up, the effect will take effect and you must react. For example, if you are frozen, use all the pressure to free yourself, and if you want, jump quickly. Put out the dark fire. What you have to be very careful about is freckles. Aegis is not a hunter, he does not tire, but a pet. If a pli fights for a long time, it becomes pehe. It is possible to activate the standby cooling system, which is damaged by frost or water, and cools down. You are most vulnerable on foot, unable to fight or jump. Proper management with stamina was more important to me than in other soul-like titles.

Slow soul song

Boss fights are the highlight of soulslike games. You pushed your abilities to the max. With Steelrising, it’s all about growth, not calling. Bosses are similarly fast and slow. Not isolated in the sense of movement, but a reaction. There are times when the streams of the enemy and the boss are easily recognizable, but not if there is such a time delay between them that you have time to run to the other side of the arena. Bosses are the most common in the powers of the game, but the swing of the commonness decreases as you level up your character and weapons, the harder it will be to progress through the game. Even so, it will not be long before the warehouse machine falls to the ground during the hasty progress of the field.

I play Souls games very carefully. During boss fights, I try to keep my distance. In the middle of the game, it is not an easy and aggressive opponent in a defensive attack. In Steelrising, this doesn’t apply, you can just circle around the boss and try, and you’ll replenish your health. Two types of liquid bottles are available. First, it works the same as in Elden Ring. By gradually sealing the bottle, you increase the length and amount of additional healthy juice immediately. The healthy type gradually replenishes for twenty seconds. When you go to the second type during the boss fight, the fight practically stops. Just run in front of the colossus and eat, and you’ll be fit again. The dynamics of the fight are enough to put you on the tail. You can have an unlimited number of bottles with you. Boss, you’ll go slow, but as long as you have the resources, you’re relatively safe.


Steelrising goes against the untried thunder. Although it is a soulslike title, it is much more progressive. the wheels go into gear and the compass points you towards the mission’s goal. Even in the beginning it helps. Bloodborne is a famous interpretation of pbhu. You don’t have to watch a hundred hours of loro videos and a few texts about the scope of the thesis to have an idea of ​​what the game was about. Steelrising opened the shovel. Spiders think that they will first run away from their homeland. The title is chatty, it’s not a habit among people. from time to time I know the possibility of a choice that will affect future events. You can make the game easier by using the module. Improve Aegis stats, or even get extra health on a critical hit.

What is the most simplified? Assist mode. The thickness can be adjusted as desired. Dream morn corrupted or turn off essence destruction after death. Games from FromSoftware mm rd, Bloodborne and Elden Ring are not allowed. But I have the honor to excel in them. Every triumph was bought with a lot of sweat and nerves. Thanks to this, every boss fight was an intense experience. With Steelrising, I compared that feeling to a standard hip width. However, I don’t think that the obstinacy has to be on the code. The market offers a lot of nronch soulslike titles that have nothing to do with the game. Steelrising should be a solid gateway for games that have so far avoided the arc. Even so, the authors could have developed the skill better to provide an invitation for an experimental game.

Lost in the Labyrinth

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The title consists of several gradually expanding areas to which you travel. From the prison, the game of scum gets rid of me. From the extensive inch gardens, you will move to the rural village of Pae and immediately afterwards to the factory complex. Although all the areas are too big, the factory hall is gigantic, but the scenery is still me. As soon as you step into the urban structure, the layout and design are immediately apparent. The main part of the game takes place in the center of Pae. The level design of the center is a monotonous labyrinth that does not make sense and does not contain many memorable places.

Efforts are underway to mask the size of the maps. But if you can’t get lost in the area, the cars should make the environment interesting and read more. The fact that you cannot distinguish one street from another does not help navigation. Even with a gradual opening shortcut, you will constantly wander. The maps are full of quests in which treasures could be hidden, but the reward is often only a grant or a bottle of liv.


The sense of monotony could be broken by confused emotional content, but the authors decided to place the core of side quests in the center. About halfway through the game, you will get several tools for defeating the boss. Thanks to it you can visit all unavailable maps. Dash in the air vs. the dog of the abyss, anchor to the outside of the city and break through the weak masonry with the battering ram. And when you have all the tools, you can fill the spare wheels that have accumulated in you. Backtracking is plentiful and not very free. Even if you are moving in a monotonous environment, the side quests of the content are interesting, they will help you discover more from behind the scenes and stretch the playing time to tens of hours. In addition, you will also receive some rewards for it.

Graphically, the game is released. The cars stood out mainly for their animations. Automata and Aegis have jerky movements and use their unnatural mobility. These are two spaces for interesting and non-flowing flows. Even the soundtrack is unusual. Robots emit a cacophony that turns into music with a little imagination. It’s disturbing and original. When it comes to stability and optimization, it’s second to none on PC. I didn’t find a single so-called bug in the whole game.

Starter soul song

Steelrising is like a palm for nru newbies. It does not make such demands on skill and is progressive in all respects. If you’re looking for a game to test whether vs souls appeal, Steelrising is the game for vs. Experienced game impresses with its unconventional setting, gameplay and design as well.

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