Lewandowski had no mercy with Pilsen

The West Bohemians got a taste of what football looks like at the highest level in Barcelona. The five-time Champions League winner was up against them, extremely hungry due to the last few poor seasons. He turned on the top speed from the first second, it was only a matter of time before the Spanish giant would get through with a goal.

Pilsen mostly ran without the ball, although they soon had the possibility of two solid breaks. But she didn’t finish them. It was Barca who took advantage of their first big chance, Kessie headed in after a corner kick. The scenario of keeping the zero at the back as long as possible did not work out for Viktoria. A quick strike was definitely not what she wanted.


The packed Camp Nou roared, chasing Barcelona for more goals. The difference in speed and dynamics was striking. Viktoria could only rely on breaks or a rare standard situation.

The visitors got a glimmer of hope when the referee whistled a penalty kick in their favour, and was also going to send off Christensen. But after watching the video, he revoked the penalty. The pressure of the Catalans continued, and Lewandowski added a second goal shortly afterwards.

Although Sýkor’s header gave hope, Lewandowski gave the home side a two-goal advantage just before the end of the first half.

After the break, the match continued as usual, Barcelona added two more goals. Pilsen’s unbeaten streak thus ended at number 34.

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