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Photos as evidence –
Photos as evidence –

Source: Bušková, with the permission of A. Hanychová, collage


Agáta Hanychová (37) and Jaromír Soukup (53) took their new relationship quite by storm. Although they have only been dating for three months, Veronika Žilková’s daughter is expected according to reliable information from The information was already confirmed to our editors yesterday by two independent sources from around the media magnate. We also obtained his statement. Agatha lies and refers to her gynecologist.

Influencer Agáta Hanychová and the head of TV Barrandov Jaromír Soukup have been together for a short time, but in a few months they will form one big family. Agáta will become a mother of three next year, and together she and Soukup will have five children. Both already have two children from previous relationships.

“Jarda is already bragging to his friends that his Agáta is pregnant. But it’s only really fresh news, but they’re both happy about it,” two independent sources close to the couple confirmed to The editors tried to get a response from the pair, so far only Jaromír Soukup has responded to the message. “Well, you have better information than I do,” responded for Instead of confirming or denying the rumours, he rather played them into the car. This may be related to the fact that Hanychová’s blessed state is still a complete novelty and that the couple is still waiting, for example, for the results of some tests.

Her belly is rounding

The day after that, Agáta also commented on the situation. “I’ve also already heard that I’m expecting a baby. I’ll ask my gynecologist, maybe he forgot to tell me something,” she told the website

Agatha’s pregnancy would explain the fact why Soukup is so adamant that his girlfriend stop smoking, which they talked about some time ago in stories on their Instagram. It is common knowledge that alcohol and cigarettes are not suitable for pregnant women.

Although Agáta has not told our editors yet, she will not hide her condition for long. Already this week, Agáta, in Jaromír Soukup’s Agáta show, which is broadcast by Soukup’s television, showed that she is not just overeating. The belly of the charming brunette is already starting to round slightly. And the model herself seems to want to draw attention to her navel. She wore a crop top on Monday and Wednesday. See for yourself in our gallery.

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