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Comet blasted Karlovy Vary, the Finnish reinforcement also managed the great victory

Comet blasted Karlovy Vary, the Finnish reinforcement also managed the great victory
Comet blasted Karlovy Vary, the Finnish reinforcement also managed the great victory

The first duel of the regular season offered a number of attractions and interesting stories. The fans were looking forward to new faces, including Tomáš Kundrátek. However, the bronze medalist from this year’s World Championship spent only less than seven minutes on the ice due to injury, the home team played two thirds with five defenders.

Jakub Flek and Tomáš Bartejs, who worked in the opponent’s camp last season, felt increased motivation. The match was also special for Brno coach Martin Pešout, who left Karlovy Vary in March after five long years.

Attention was also focused on Eduard Šalé. The still only seventeen-year-old started in the third formation alongside Adam Zbořil and Andrej Kollár and spiced up his eleventh start in the extra league with an assist.

Both teams got off to a slower start. It was clear that it was the first match of the season and the players were just getting used to the competitive pace after a long preparation. The beginning offered a number of inaccuracies, several actions failed due to an unsuccessful transition into the offensive zone.

The goalkeepers had to act later. First, Flek threatened with a volley shot, on the other side, his colleague from the national team, Jiří Černoch, was active, and in the sixth minute he aimed a backhand just past the post.

The growing onslaught eventually brought West Bohemia the lead, Petr Koblasa scored the first goal of the new season. Marko Čiliak, who got ahead of Dominik Furch between the three posts, had the puck fly into the net over his right shoulder.

Shortly before the break, Marek Ďaloga shot inaccurately from close range, after the players returned to the ice, Kometa had a second power play. And she was able to punish Tomáš Havlín’s irritation when Štěpán Lukeš was burned by Kim Strömberg.

The equalization woke up the spectators, Brno suddenly determined the tempo of the game. In the twenty-eighth minute, the Karlovy Vary goalkeeper made a brilliant save against Petar Holík, but a moment later he was unable to finish Luboš Horký.

The next fight between the two actors sounded better for Lukeš, who pulled off a reflexive intervention with a mask. His teammates didn’t help him much with other exclusions, they paid for indiscipline again in time 36:24. The passer Ďaloga scored the jubilee hundredth point in the extra league, accurately aiming Strömberg’s second hit of the match.

The 34-year-old attacker showed that he could be an interesting reinforcement for Kometa. In the second formation, he brushed off the collaboration with Radek Koblížek, both of whom worked in the Finnish KooKoo last season. Flek also appeared politely next to them.

He, too, was among the scorers in the final third, succeeding against his former employer thanks to honest and strong work in the goal area. Before him, Kollár scored, against whose shot Lukeš was unable to move.

David Bruk’s men were unable to compete with the hot opponent, further conceded goals put them down. Although Čiliak had to deal with several more difficult situations, he kept his teammates in check with certain saves.

And to make matters worse, Horký struck again at 55:01. Martin Zaťovič was also able to register in the statistics, who stamped the pole.

Compared to last year, Kometa opened the season with a commanding victory. On Sunday, they will perform in České Budějovice, Karlovy Vary will welcome Hradec Králové in front of their own fans.

Tipsport extra league 2022/23

1st round 15/09/2022 18:00

the match ended in normal playing time

Referee: Oldřich Hejduk, Antonín Jeřábek – Lukáš Rampír, Šimon Synek.

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