The supply of weapons for Ukraine’s self-defense is morally acceptable, the Pope said

“This is a political decision that can be moral, morally acceptable, if it is taken under the conditions of morality,” the Pope reflected on the moral right of countries to send weapons to Ukraine. He also pointed to the concept of “just war” according to the Catholic Church, allowing the proportionate use of lethal weapons for self-defense against an aggressor.

“Self-defense is not only legal, but also an expression of love for the country. He who does not defend himself, who does not defend something, does not love it. Those who defend something love it,” said František.

The Pope then explained his view on when supplying arms to a country is moral and when it is not. “It can be immoral if the intention is to provoke more war or in selling or giving away weapons that (the country) no longer needs. Motivation is what largely determines the morality of this step,” the Pope said.

Asked whether Ukraine should negotiate with the country that attacked it, the Pope said dialogue with countries that started the war is always difficult, but should not be ruled out. “I would not rule out dialogue with any power that is at war, even if it is with the aggressor. Sometimes you have to have that dialogue. It doesn’t smell good to you, but you have to do it,” stressed František.

Ukraine was disappointed by the pope’s words about Dugin. Kyiv summoned the apostolic nuncio


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