At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they discovered a mole who was passing on secret information to Russian intelligence

This is a highly vetted employee who also had a security certificate of the highest level of top secret, wrote Deník N, referring to his diplomatic sources.

He has worked at the ministry since the 1990s and, in addition to the head office in Prague, he also worked at Czech embassies, among others in one of the African countries.

BIS informed the prime minister and the foreign minister about the case in the first half of this year, writes the newspaper N.

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“I can confirm that I have decided to take such steps, thanks to which an employee who cooperated with a foreign power no longer works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I will not comment on further information for security reasons,” Lipavský told Novinkám.

The revelation was also confirmed by BIS. “At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we mapped the activities of one of its employees in relation to the Russian intelligence service,” BIS spokesman Ladislav Šticha told Deník N.

According to the newspaper, BIS first discovered years ago that the SVR had a source of sensitive information at the Czech Foreign Ministry, and then identified and monitored him. “Russian intelligence exploited his weakness for women and money,” the newspaper quoted one of its diplomatic sources as saying.

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It is not clear whether he can go to prison for his collaboration with a foreign power. If the evidence is collected only by the BIS and not by the police, then it is not usable in court.

“It can’t be done because it’s intelligence that can’t be used in court. The current law does not allow this,” Deník N quotes its high-ranking source from the judiciary, who did not wish to be named.

“I am aware of the whole matter and I appreciate the work of the secret services, in this case the BIS. It is proof that the security forces work well and for the benefit of Czech citizens,” Deník quotes N Fiala.

The Russian state agency TASS is already reporting on the discovery of a “mole” in Czech diplomacy, although it writes about “an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allegedly cooperating with the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation”.

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