The Russians are preparing for war. According to the secret amendment, there are supposed to be up to a million of them

The Russians are preparing for war. According to the secret amendment, there are supposed to be up to a million of them
The Russians are preparing for war. According to the secret amendment, there are supposed to be up to a million of them

The Russian Ministry of Defense can mobilize up to a million people. This is made possible by the secret seventh paragraph of the mobilization decree, reported the Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta, citing an unnamed source from the presidential administration. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday that the mobilization will only concern 300,000 reservists. Videos on social media show crowds – mostly from remote corners of Russia – heading to evacuation centers. As the footage shows, the Chechens, for example, have a great interest in war.

On the day Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization, a scan of his decree was published. However, it is not clear in the document what is hidden under the seventh amendment, which is intended only for “administrative use”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the classified item se refers to the number of reservists who can be called up for military service.

According to Novaya Gazeta’s source in Putin’s administration, it was initially discussed that the full text of the decree would remain hidden for “official use”. This is what the people from the Ministry of Defense were striving for. In the end, it was decided that the hidden information would be hidden under the seventh point, which according to the source actually deals with the number of people, who should be mobilized.

The newspaper Novaya Gazeta notes that it tried to contact the executive bodies, which as a rule receive the full text of presidential decrees, including those classified only by “official use”. According to sources from multiple ministries, they had not received the full text of the decree and could not see it through the document management system, the paper said, adding that the Seventh Amendment was hidden under the label. He adds that the classification for “official use” is the first level of categorized documents under Russian law.

Crowds at the levies

Moscow has previously said that 300,000 reservists, mainly people with military experience, will be called up as part of the partial mobilization. It will not concern, for example, students or conscripts, according to the head of the defense committee in the parliament Andrey Kartapolov, it mainly concerns reserve soldiers and non-commissioned officers up to the age of 35, as well as junior officers in the reserve up to the age of 45.

Videos that are spreading on social networks show crowds or queues of Russians who, due to the mobilization decree, are heading to the conscription points, or even already leaving for the garrisons. Ethnic minorities in Russia, for example in Siberian Yakutsk or Chechnya, were among the first to be called up for military service.

Video from Magadan, located in the Far East, shows a long line boarding an Antonov An-12 military transport plane

According to Novaya Gazeta, since the mobilization was announced, at least four Russian regions have signed bans on citizens subject to military service leaving their cities.

Shoigu says Moscow will call into service approximately one percent of its resources. “We have huge mobilization resources of those who have served, have combat experience, military specialization. We have almost 25 million of them,” said the minister, according to the TASS agency. According to Reuters or the BBC, however, Russia only has two million reservists at its disposal, while Ukraine has about 900,000.

Protests and fleeing the country

After Wednesday’s announcement of partial mobilization, many Russians took to the streets or straight out of the country. Airlines saw a large number of one-way tickets from Russia, which were soon sold out and their price increased significantly within minutes. For example, from Moscow to Istanbul or Dubai, the price gradually reached 9,200 euros (over 227,000 crowns) for a one-way flight in economy class.

In addition to air tickets, Russian railway companies also had problems, with their websites crashing, according to the AP, because too many people were trying to figure out how to get out of the country. Social networks in Russian have grown with advice on how to avoid mobilization or leave the country, in all directions. Footage from borders with Georgia, Mongolia or Finland, for example, appeared on social networks, showing long queues of cars as people try to leave the country as quickly as possible. We wrote about it here, for example.

People also took to the streets to protest against the mobilization. In Moscow, a large crowd of demonstrators took to the streets, shouting anti-war slogans. Some protests were dispersed by the police. Residents of cities in Siberia and the Far East gathered in squares, often without any banners with slogans, because they were afraid of police intervention, the station Nastojaščeje vremya reported on its website. Hoarfrost the demonstrators carried placards with slogans such as “no war, no mobilization”, “world peace” or “give me a hug if you’re scared too”, according to photos on social media. How states OVD-Info, the police arrested at least 1386 people.

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