Do you want to sell a used car? Don’t delay, u prices are past their peak | Business

Don’t drive a car near massive. This is shown by the data of several entities that monitor the market and publish about it. Prices peaked this year in roughly April and May, and by August they had dropped to the level of last year’s level, said Jan Vavk, speaking online at

This does not mean, however, that used cars are cheap, they are even cheaper. Only the prices of dl do not increase. According to data from Carvago, the prices of used cars in August this year were about a fifth of those in August last year. The price for five-year-old, ten-year-old cars between years has even increased by a total of 23 percent. Data from other companies show a similar trend. For example, the Cebia company, which deals with the business of used cars, stated in its first half of this year that used cars fell by 18 percent between years. According to Cebia, the average price of a used car was 289 thousand crowns.

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