Chechnya will not mobilize. We have already exceeded the plan, says Kadyrov

Chechnya will not mobilize. We have already exceeded the plan, says Kadyrov
Chechnya will not mobilize. We have already exceeded the plan, says Kadyrov

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Chaos descended on Russia shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on Wednesday. Russian officials claimed that only men with previous military experience would receive the call-up order and that their number would not exceed 300,000. However, the following hours showed that mobilization does not have very strict rules and almost anyone can find themselves in the front line.

The regional authorities in charge of mobilization immediately began to call up men to meet the assigned quotas. From a village in Buryatsk in eastern Siberia, which has 450 inhabitants, 20 men were sent to the war, writes The Guardian. They also distributed conscription orders on a large scale in Yakutsk and Dagestan.

That is why the approach of the Russian autonomous republic of Chechnya, headed by a staunch ally of the Russian president, Ramzan Kadyrov, is all the more surprising. The leader of Chechnya said at a meeting with the operational command for the so-called “special military operation” that no mobilization will take place in Chechnya, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

According to Kadyrov, the reason is the fact that Chechnya has already significantly “exceeded the plan”. He did not specify what the specific plan was. Not even who approved it and how.

Kadyrov stated that he had already sent 20,000 people to the war in Ukraine, exceeding the mentioned plan by a full 254%.

Partial mobilization in practice

The American institute ISW pointed out that Russia is already violating the terms of mobilization and conscripting men regardless of their military experience.

Western and some Russian media reported on Thursday cases of Russian military commissars handing out summonses to arrested protesters in Moscow and Voronezh. Students are also among those called.

Based on Kadyrov’s earlier words and actions, the Chechen leader may appear to have turned somewhat around. Back on September 14, Kadyrov’s government, in response to Russia’s failures at the front, presented a draft resolution calling for the “autumn mobilization” of the population aged 18-26, writes the Free Europe station, which has obtained the document. At the same time, Kadyrov also called on the leaders of other Russian regions to mobilize their populations to help Russian troops in Ukraine.

Unlike the regular mandatory drafts that take place in the fall, the 24-page proposal dated September 14 referred to the action as a “mobilization of main and reserve personnel” already registered with the draft board. The document set the start of mobilization on October 1. Whether it will happen despite Kadyrov’s latest statements, however, remains unclear.

According to the Belarusian independent station

Kadyrov’s sudden reluctance to mobilize may be related to his fear of the mass protests that the issuing of draft orders could unleash.

Recent events in Chechnya suggest that discontent with the involvement in the war in the autonomous republic is already growing. About 20 women attended an anti-war rally in the capital Grozny on Wednesday. According to the OC Media server, this was the very first anti-regime demonstration in the entire 15 years that Kadyrov has been in power.

The rally was organized by mothers of sons of productive age in protest against Kadyrov’s earlier calls for mobilization. According to Kadyrov, however, it was directed against the partial mobilization announced by Russian President Putin on Wednesday.

He called the protesting women “enemies of the people” and immediately called their relatives to fight in Ukraine. He threatened those who would follow their example with the same fate. “If you hold protests, your husbands and sons will end up on the front lines,” Kadyrov said.

The Chechen leader also accused the protesting women of being paid by “European organizations”. “When asked what you want and why you are here, they answered that they have social and housing problems. I said that if they don’t have men to keep them at home and take care of them… they should also be in the territory where Russia is conducting a special operation,” Kadyrov commented on the protests.

According to the Chechen president, no one has yet refused to participate in military actions, and all men went to Ukraine to fight voluntarily.

However, the Ukrainska pravda server undermines this statement with a reference to anonymous calls that the residents of Chechnya have recently addressed to Kadyrov via the Telegram platform. In them, they ask him not to send their relatives to fight.

In them, local women state that they did not raise their sons for war. At the same time, they appeal to all “whose hearts ache for their sons, relatives and loved ones” to share their appeals and help them call for Kadyrov’s answer.

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