The activist threw a strudel in Okamura’s face. Plainclothes police intervened

On Thursday, Tomio Okamura had his performance at the SPD Traditional Pilgrimage in Prague’s Prosek in the Friendship Park. After the opening remarks, the MP left the podium to greet his supporters. An activist from a movement called the Biotická Pekařská Brigade was also hidden among them.

At one point, she threw an apple strudel with the inscription With love, which she had brought in a box, in Okamura’s face. Two police officers immediately intervened, knocking her to the ground and handcuffing her. At least one of the police officers had a police sign on his hand.

“Policemen, as part of public order supervision at the ongoing rally, detained the woman who attacked Mr. Okamura with a cake for the necessary time. The woman is suspected of an offense against civil cohabitation and was released after being secured,” said police spokesman Jan Daněk.

Photo: Biotická Pekařská Brigade, No source

Tomi Okamura got hit in the face with a strudel

According to him, it was an announcement of a meeting at which police officers were present. “Uniformed policemen, plainclothes policemen who are marked with police tape, and plainclothes policemen who are not marked and perform specific tasks are usually present at the announced gatherings,” stated Daněk.

According to the spokesman, if necessary, police officers in uniform or plainclothes policemen, after previously proving their affiliation with the PČR, intervene primarily. “If the matter cannot be delayed, every police officer is obliged by law to take action,” summed up the spokesman.

“Tomio Okamura is an oppressor for me. He is a fearmonger and a populist, he will say anything just to win over and manipulate the masses of people so he can sit on the throne and rule with a heavy hand. I wanted to point out what is really hidden behind his views, and with that strudel on his face, basically point to him as a specific person who spreads hatred, politics of fear and populist manipulation in society,” the activist told Novinka.

According to its statement, the movement was inspired by the foreign collective Biotic Baking Brigade, which operated in America in the 1990s. He threw a pie at, for example, Bill Gates or the mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.

Photo: Biotická Pekařská Brigade, No source

Tomio Okamura got hit in the face with a strudel

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