HOCKEY ONLINE: Another blow to the champion! So far Motor has hit one hundred percent, Pilsen is also losing


Motor already has three wins, as it won the 4th round match against Litvínov (6:3) on Tuesday. “We have nine points, so good for us. Difficult start, difficult draw. We didn’t have easy opponents, but we coped with it. Great,” praised experienced striker Lukáš Pech. However, he assured that the team was not swayed by a good start to the season. “You can always work on something. We can definitely play better in defense, we have to play better with the puck in defense and get it out better. Don’t put yourself under pressure. Even in attack we can afford more. These are details, but otherwise our game is not yet bad,” added Pech.

Vítkovice did not lose a single point in the opening two matches in Litvínov and against Plzeň, summer signing Mueller scored four goals in the win. The Ostrava club will now check the winner of the regular season from the last season.

“We know that they belong to the top teams that announce the highest goals. They are organized both in defense and in attack. It is a big test for us,” said Vítkovic coach Miloš Holaň.

Třinec, in the role of defending champion, has so far scored only one point out of six possible. The last time the Steelers had a bad start to the season was in the 2018/19 season, which they still finished with the title. Back then, they were even winless after two rounds.

Třinečtí stepped behind the defense with losses against České Budějovice (0:2) and in Pardubice (3:4 in overtime). They will strive for their first victory in the extra league under the leadership of coach Zdeňko Moták at home against Karlovy Vary, who are second to last without a point. Mutual matches sound for the champion – he won 18 of the 21 previous duels, most recently 7:0.

Karlovy Vary is in an even worse situation, because together with Litvínov and Pilsen, they belong to the three teams at the bottom of the table that have not yet gained a single point. After the debacle in Brno, the Energie team lost 2:3 to Hradec Králové last time at home. “After all, it was the first match at home. I think we need more confidence to improve,” said striker Tomáš Redlich.

Litvínov got six goals on Tuesday in the south of Bohemia and closes the table with a score of 5-12 in three games. He will challenge Liberec on Friday. “Again, terrible mistakes brought us down. All huge fouls. We score few goals, the players who scored in the preparation are not doing well. And on top of that, we concede goals. You have to start from the little things. Each individual, one next to the other. And do everything for the benefit of the team, ” said coach Vladimír Růžička for the server

Although Liberec lost points in both matches, it managed to win both despite unfavorable developments. “It’s still the beginning of the season and it’s still settling in. It certainly shows the strength of the team, but we have to improve. We’d prefer to take the lead and not have to constantly catch up to the opponent’s lead,” said striker Michael Frolík.

After a bad start, Plzeň changed coaches after just two games: Václav Baďouček and Miloš Říha were replaced by Petr Kořínek and assistant František Bombic, who will also be helped by club boss Martin Straka. The Indians’ first opponent after a record-breaking lineup will be Pardubice, which, like Liberec, managed to succeed twice in the setup.

Brno started the season like on a swing, after a 6:1 home victory over Karlovy Vary, Kometa lost 2:6 in České Budějovice. On Friday, Kladno will play on the ice in Brno, which has two points for defeats in the setup.

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