A star is something extra, everyone had to wait for it. Ronaldo was accused of violence in Prague

An unusual team. Its quality is illustrated by a small incident from this week. Defender Pepe left the Portugal team for unspecified health reasons. A footballer famous not only for his controversial moments, but also for the title of European champion or three triumphs in the Champions League with Real Madrid.

For coach Santos’ team, it was as if nothing had happened.

“We are strong, ready to beat the Czech team. Whether with Pep or without him,” Rúben Dias doesn’t make any wrinkles.

The players who are struggling in the clubs came to the meeting with the idea that they will get a kick out of it here, says Jaroslav ŠilhavýVideo: Sport.cz

Why not, when the expected composition of the defense Dalot (Manchester United), Danilo (PSG), Dias (Manchester City), Mendes (PSG) offers exclusively fighters from the big European clubs. Not to mention other offensive stars.

“The more players in the top Premier League teams, the more experienced we are. Only advantageous for us,” Rúben Dias enjoys.

Fans are still most curious about the biggest star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal during a training session before the Nations League match in Eden.Photo: Vlastimil VacekRight

However, even when he stepped on the lawn, he made it clear that there was something extra. The entire team, including the coaches, was already seated on the field in a circle so that it could begin. Only one highlight was missing. Yes, you guessed it. We were just waiting for CR7… He trotted in exactly at 18:00 for the scheduled start of training.

Ronaldo’s current form can be doubted, but don’t blame the coach of the Portuguese national team for that.

“Cristiano’s form? He played a match five days ago, I don’t think the question is appropriate. If he didn’t feel well, he wouldn’t play,” assures coach Fernando Santos.

The five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is not thinking about the end of his career even at the age of thirty-seven. Ronaldo still feels motivated and wants to play at least until the 2024 European Championship.

I’m more of a calm person, Jindra a wild one, says Tomáš Vaclík about his competitor for the post of goalkeeper number oneVideo: Sport.cz

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. He always had the greatest ambitions, always represented with great pride. That’s how it will always be, as long as it’s possible,” says Santos.

An inconvenience caught up with Ronald in Prague. The English Football Association (FA) accused him of inappropriate and even violent behavior, which he committed after the April match of the last year of the English league. The Manchester United striker then, after a 0-1 defeat to struggling Everton, lunged at a teenage fan while leaving the pitch and knocked his mobile phone out of his hand.

“I don’t know exactly what happened,” Santos doesn’t want to spoil his star.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal during training ahead of the Nations League match in Prague.Photo: Vlastimil VacekRight

Ronaldo then apologized to the fourteen-year-old boy on social networks. But his actions caused an uproar, and the Liverpool police also dealt with the incident. Ronaldo was also threatened with prosecution for the criminal offenses of assault, bodily harm or damage to another’s property, but in mid-August the police closed the case with a warning.

Only now did the FA start looking into the case and announced that Ronaldo had breached the E3 rule. He is therefore facing charges that he “behaved inappropriately and/or violently after the final whistle”, the English media quoted the FA as saying.

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