Horror on the Ferris wheel in Brno. People remained trapped in the cabin, the staff left


Tens of minutes of horror were experienced by people who decided to try the Ferris wheel on Moravské náměstí in Brno on Friday evening. In the middle of the ride, the machine stopped and its operator left. Several people were left hanging dozens of meters above the ground.

People who decided to ride the Ferris wheel on Friday evening had an unpleasant experience from the Christmas markets on Moravské náměstí in Brno. The bike stopped during the ride, and when the passengers started to feel the situation was strange, they found out that the operator of the machine had probably left.

“Shortly before 10:00 a.m., a woman contacted us saying that she had been on the Ferris wheel for some time and that she thought it was suspicious that there was no light at the operator’s station downstairs,” Brno police spokesman Pavel Šváb told TN.cz.

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“The patrol arrived at the scene, found out that there were several people stuck on the bike. They got the bike operator, who came within ten minutes and started the attraction again. Then people were finally able to get off,” described the rescue of the passengers by the police spokesman

According to Šváb, the bike operator did not act illegally. “We have strongly instructed the operator to really check that there is no one there the next time they turn it off,” he added.

The editors of TN.cz also tried to contact the manager of the company ConFolding, which operates the bike, to comment on the case. In vain, he only responded by hanging up the phone.

They also solved a similar problem in Szczecin. There, the bike stopped due to a power cut:


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