Hungarians refuel in Slovakia, there is not enough petrol at home

As the website pointed out, the news spread in Hungary at the end of last week that the government will not extend the ceiling on fuel prices, which is supposed to end at the end of this year. The drivers panicked. They waited in long queues to be able to refuel at a discounted price.

The onslaught and the reconstruction of the refinery in the town of Százhalombatta caused a shortage of fuel at Hungarian gas stations, and drivers who could not get to it had to fill up at higher prices abroad.

“I passed several gas stations, but everywhere I was greeted by the announcement that they did not have gasoline. So I was forced to go to Slovakia and refuel for euros so that it wouldn’t run dry,” the website quotes driver Kristóf.

“I tried refueling in the cities of Szentendre and Pomáz, but without success. So I had to go to Slovakia, where a liter of gasoline cost me 1.7 euros,” Viktor added.

The Hungarian government put a cap on fuel prices on November 15, 2021. From July, only domestic drivers can refuel at a discounted price.

MOL reports fuel shortage

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has admitted that it faced a partial shortage of fuel at almost its entire network of gas stations in Hungary over the weekend. The company told Reuters that the main reason for the fuel shortage is low imports.

She also pointed out that many people have started stockpiling fuel. Foreign companies have cut back on fuel supplies to Hungary after the country’s government imposed a price cap on gasoline and diesel last year, Reuters writes.

“Panic buying has started and many are stocking up, which has led to a partial shortage of stock in almost our entire network of gas stations,” said an MOL representative.

Brussels proposes to cut 7.5 billion euros from EU funds to Hungary


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