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During the shelling of the hotel in Donetsk, where Rogozin was celebrating his 59th birthday, shrapnel wounded him in the head, one in the buttocks, another in the left thigh and another in the groin. The shrapnel had damaged the limb so much that Rogozin was in danger of having his penis amputated. Doctors are trying to save him, but the chances are said to be small, the server writes.

It is not possible to verify whether the given information is true. The Russian side has been reporting from the beginning that Rogozin was wounded in the back and a shrapnel was stuck in his spine. He should be transferred to a medical facility in Moscow, where he should undergo an operation, writes the TASS agency.

On Friday, Rogozin’s son Alexei denied reports that his father’s health was deteriorating.

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“The information that Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin’s condition is deteriorating is not true. It is too early to talk about the condition of other victims who were injured by shrapnel,” Alexei Rogozin wrote on his Telegram account. According to him, many publish a lot of false and speculative information.

Dmitry Rogozin does not go far for a sharp word. He is known for his controversial forceful statements. For example, in a debate on the first channel of Russian state television about the use of the Arctic, he said that tanks do not need visas.

He studied journalism and economics, and later received a doctorate in philosophy. He is gifted with languages. He worked as the Russian ambassador to NATO for three years.

He considers the collapse of the Soviet Union a tragedy, as does Vladimir Putin. He wants to return Russia to its former power and magnificence, which is why Putin is the ideal statesman for him. “It was like a dream come true,” Rogozin said of the former KGB intelligence officer’s rise to power.

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