He cursed the referee vulgarly, Gryger was fined for the penalty


The cobblers at Stínadly felt damaged. The Zlín coach Pavel Vrba also complained about the performance of the referees led by head Lukáš Nehasil and the work of the VAR system after the match of the 2nd round of the extension group. The club filed an official complaint against the referee.

The referees noted in the minutes that general manager Zdeněk Grygera cursed them after the match.

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The referees’ committee found Zlína right in one point, that they should have kicked a penalty in the 75th minute when the score was 1:1 at the hand of Štěpán Chaloupek. On the contrary, Kozák’s goal was not valid, the home team won 2:1.

Photo: repro recording of the match Teplice – Zlín

The record of the football Fortuna league match between Teplice and Zlín describes the actions of Zlín manager Zdenek Grygera.

“There was behavior on the part of Mr. Grygera that cannot be tolerated and accepted in professional competitions. We consider the interaction of the officials with the referees during the match and immediately after it to be completely unacceptable and we must punish these offenses very harshly, whatever the motivations for this may have been,” explains Richard Baček, the chairman of the disciplinary committee.

“The disciplinary code allows us to impose a penalty of up to 50,000 crowns on a club official for such an offence, and in this case we proceeded to impose the maximum possible penalty. At the same time, we also fined the home club 50,000 crowns for not sufficiently securing the area defined by the referee and allowing Mr. Grygera to enter the referee’s cabin and the immediate vicinity of the VAR car,” adds Baček.

Other clubs pay fines for the behavior of their fans. Sparta 40 thousand, Slavia 30 and Zbrojovka Brno 10 thousand crowns.

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