WC hockey 2023 | Against surprises. Canada will start the semifinals with Loti, the USA will challenge the Germans


The bow and arrow are replicas of the fight from the base. While in the afternoon, in the quarter-finals, the descendents of group A rejoiced at their progress, in the evening, the dark ones from the risks of group B fell asleep.

According to these rules, the requesting country has first place in the first semi-final. The first is Latvia, which, paradoxically, has to move to Tampere, Finland, where the tournament is at its peak.

The home team therefore has the opportunity to have a long rest before the upcoming medal fight. The best-placed team of the basic groups, United States of America, except for the Vern AS.

Canada – Latvia (13.20)

It can be expected that this encounter between a powerhouse and an outsider, who made it to the semi-finals for the first time, will lead to a different result than in the basic group. Or at least a fairly combative approach to the Baltic state. On the first day of the ampiont, this remarkable clan dominated the favorite overwhelmingly 6:0.

In the next 24 hours, the Lottery lost to the Slovaks, but since then they have only won. With a historic triumph over the Czech national team (4:3P), the series made it six wins in ad. She didn’t even get stuck on the medal contenders.

Scott Laughton starts Arthurs ilovs in insight.

A surprising run against the Czech Republic (4:3P), which meant promotion from the group, the Saints of Harijs Vitoline lost their first sensation in the form of the quarter-finals of Porka Vdska (3:1). He had a European country in the bustling scenes of the capital.

But they will challenge the giant from beyond the award in Finland. It is a soup that does not put the strongest that it has for the championship. But the ambitious mind is only for the gold, which is reflected in the gradually growing form. In the quarterfinals, Kanaan presented a perfect concerted performance against Suomi (4:1) and made you forget about the loss from Norway (2:3N).

USA – Germany (17.20)

In the groups, both teams played a balanced game, which was decided by American tonk Matt Coronato in the 55th minute at 2:2. Yes, the young man who scored such a precious goal in the quarter-final against the Czech Republic with a few rebounds.

If the Germans worked their way into the tie-breakers and from fourth place, the group duel was one of those in which they showed great potential. However, in addition to America, they lost by just one goal to Germany (0:1) and Finland (3:4), and they won the other five matches in a row.

Matt Coronato decided the game with five minutes left in the USA’s match against Germany.

Including the battle between the best eight with favored vcars. With a tactically mature stance, they stopped the leaders of Group B, the same as in 2021. And again on the ice in Riga.

So he has to put the pellet back in Finland. And elite darkness, which is only a consequence of something longer. Zmosk vbr, the second youngest in this tournament, is the only one who hasn’t lost a game.

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