GLOSSA: No title? For Slavia, the starting position in Europe is worse


Worse than the unraveling of the Czech top competition, however, are the consequences for Slavia towards the new cup season. The Red and Whites will jump into the third preliminary round of the Europa League, they will certainly complete two European preliminary rounds. Depending on their success in them, they will play the basic group of the Europa League, the Conference League, or none of them.

The sight of Sparta, which is fighting for the Champions League, will be painful for the red and whites. She will probably join it only in the third preliminary round, which gives her not only the certainty of the cup autumn, but also a decent chance to extract interesting money from UEFA’s coffers. After all, even for advancing to the fourth preliminary round of the Champions League, there is a higher bonus than for participating in the basic group of the Europa League (so far 5 million euros compared to 3.63 million euros, according to the current exchange rate 118.35 million crowns compared to 86 million crowns). Not to mention the intersection between European honors led by Manchester City, Inter Milan or Real Madrid, a start in the basic group of the Champions League is rewarded with 15.64 million euros (370 million crowns).

Slavia has above-standard financial possibilities in domestic conditions, on the other hand, it does not have a bottomless account, it cannot behave extravagantly and it needs to help itself with the sale of players. “Income from UEFA competitions and player sales are the essence of our long-term financial stability. We have shareholder support, but it is not unlimited. Player sales are simply part of our DNA,” Jaroslav Tvrdík, chairman of the club from Eden, recently remarked in an interview with

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The more Slavia earns in cups, the better they keep the squad. And the better the European competition it plays, the more the prices and attractiveness of its players will increase. Stitchers regularly sell them to Europe, which testifies not only to the need to supplement the budget in this way, but also to work in a club, where the players in question can improve and become interesting for the European market. It can be expected that there will be a stir in the summer around the left-back David Jurásk, it will be difficult for Slavia to keep him.

Eden will be lively in the summer, important decisions will be made. Let midfielder Ondřej Lingro go abroad? What if a tempting offer comes for stopper Igoh Ogbua or someone else? And how to deal with players whose influence on the field is declining? Stitchers have to answer for that as well.

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