Ferrari will start selling the winning model from Le Mans. It is even more powerful, but it is not allowed on the road


Although this racing car has winning roots, in its Modificata version it does not meet the standards for any of the official competitions. Similar to other special racing cars from Ferrari in the past, they are only used for specialized racing days organized by the car company for the most loyal clients.

Through the Ferrari Sport Prototipi Clienti program, they will appear on a number of international tracks. All logistics, trackside assistance and maintenance will be provided by the car company itself.

The 499P Modificata is powered by the same three-liter twin-turbocharged V6 as the race car, which has been supplemented with an electric motor on the front axle. The key difference between the 499P Modificata and the Le Mans car is that this new model uses its electric assist from a standstill, unlike the race car, which can only deploy its electric power beyond the 190 km/h mark.

Exempt from the regulations, Ferrari has also introduced a ‘Push to Pass’ system which provides an additional 161bhp at the push of a button. In total, the 499P Modificata provides 858 horsepower.

All examples of the racing Ferrari come standard with bespoke Pirelli tires measuring 310/70-18 at the front and 340/70-18 at the rear with a structure and tread compound derived from Formula 1 technology. A custom ‘wet’ tire has also been developed for the car.

From a visual point of view, it differs only minimally from an endurance car. Every piece of the bodywork was made from lightweight carbon fiber. There is also no noticeable difference between the 499P cabin and the car from which it is based. In fact, Ferrari says it will “give clients exactly the same driving experience as the crews that drove the #50 and #51 race cars that won at Le Mans in June.”

The car starts at a price of 5.1 million euros (about 125 million crowns) before taxes. The price includes two years of operation of the car in the Sport Prototipi Clienti program.

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