The sign is back, the hockey player has a new jersey. Promises must be kept, says Hadamczik

The sign is back, the hockey player has a new jersey. Promises must be kept, says Hadamczik
The sign is back, the hockey player has a new jersey. Promises must be kept, says Hadamczik

Promises should be kept. And he promised that we will move towards the hundredth sign, said Hadamczik with water.

Yesterday, Czech ice hockey players wore similar jerseys. Hockey is a national sport, take it wild and get a badge on your chest. It’s not bullshit, it’s facts. And we need girls. I have fulfilled what I promised, he added.

Moderator Libor Bouek opened the press conference with the introduction of the new jersey, in which the national team will play all matches in the Euro Hockey Tour. After a short video, where the association recalled the rushes from the world championships and the Olympics in Nagano, it revealed the appearance of both the red and white jerseys.

The jerseys for the World Cup will be different. The lion logo on it will be far away, it will be in two places and far more visible, but that is a surprise, added Hadamczik.

The new jersey of the Czech national hockey team was presented by (from left) general manager Petr Nedvd, coach of the national team Radim Rulk and president of the hockey association Alois Hadamczik.

So he revealed that he was going to paint this set in blue. The bag must first be consulted with the union’s partners, as sponsor logos should not appear on the jerseys. The national team should present themselves in them at the Czech Games in Brno.

At the end of last season, we conducted a marketing survey of hockey fans, where they asked what they want – to have a hundred emblem on their jersey. We had a poll on social security in which the result was so clear. We also conducted a survey among the players and the result was the same, the trade and marketing editor of the union Ondej Naidauf described the reasons for the return to the lucky sign.

At five Norwegian celebrations in the Pardubice club, Hadamczik called for a return to the classics. During his speech, Zmakan unzipped his jersey and said: I came here on behalf of the Czech Ice Hockey Association to teach you a beautiful jersey. he’s beautiful, because I would love to go to him. I would like to submit an executive committee to move towards this jersey.

It took several months, he could not officially confirm the change.

In mid-June, at a press conference dedicated to the union’s budget and investments in the development of Czech hockey, he initially did not want to talk about the jerseys at all, but he reacted to the newspaper headlines.

Find out on November 1st. You all know my point of view, we are determined and clear.

As he suggested, so he did. The coat of arms is returning to the jerseys of the national hockey team. Hadamczik tried to fulfill Mr. Fan, when he claimed: The nation sings it.

Meanwhile, in August, independent sources confirmed to the editors of that the jerseys will definitely change. The spokesman of the union, Michael Schuster, only hinted at the time: We have a surprise in store for the fans.

Last, the main logo was not created behind the uniform uniform, but as a trade mark of the union for sales revenue. That’s why he has to stay on the jersey in the wall.

Until then, the brand was missing and hockey was losing millions of crowns. In the first year after the change, the association reported an increase in souvenir sales of no less than 40 percent, and at the closest world championship in 2019, it profited by selling many items. If you compare the sales at brick-and-mortar stores and the e-shop in the same period as the week before the World Cup and the first two days of the World Cup, there is an increase of 230 percent compared to last year, Petr Nitsche from the marketing agency BPA said at the time.

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