They wanted to meet the stars, but don’t let them people. Sadsk minimum? League of 133 whores

They wanted to meet the stars, but don’t let them people. Sadsk minimum? League of 133 whores
They wanted to meet the stars, but don’t let them people. Sadsk minimum? League of 133 whores

Although Sadov cheerfully trumpets to the world the story of two football booms, which themselves and with financial injections will select a top club. Just a quick look at the stands there often indicates that the reality is far from being so shiny and fragrant.

The average capacity of all eight league stadiums in Saudi Arabia is 26,274the average wettability is only 8,758.

Not even a handful of fans found their way to eighteen of the ninety-nine matches played so far in the current season of the Saudi Pro League, and a shameful minimum was set by the match between al-Rijd and al-Akhd, two mediocre matches from the second half of the table, which was attended by only 133 paying spectators.

This is not a good business card for the change, which in recent years has become a part of great diplomacy.

In addition, Sadsk Arabia is the only candidate for the World Cup in 2034, so the bane of (not only) fallen coppers, that the football ball is not taken by the people, does not go down well with the ruling regime in power with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

But what about that?

So Cristiano Ronaldo, the sports and marketing leader in the Saxon league, declared before the match: Football here needs a better infrastructure.

I have a lack of knowledge about ad cities to a certain extent.

With the exception of the government protected by al-Ahl, al-Hill, al-Ittihd and an-Nasr, into them thanks to this unlimited source the stream of stars from the whole world, this quality and food are in the rest of the eight-fold world.

That’s why, for example, in England, I’m worried about the fact that coach Steven Gerrard and representative Jordan Henderson, who jointly work for al-Ittif from the city of Dammam, will not be able to reach the stadium with a capacity of many thousands.

It’s worth it if fans all over the country identify with the giants from the big cities, not with those who have a figurative one under their windows. Take away the data from social media as well, because 94% of the followers of all the German Premier League clubs fall on the elite team first.

Another important aspect is the fact that the fans at the nearby entrance will be occupied for a long time, as Real Madrid or Barcelona played on the weekend, which has not changed much with the spitting of Benz and Neymar.

Yes, in general, the hatred in the stands is increasing compared to last year, and in person you are equal to the income from the TV shows. Compared to the leagues, they want to play the Sadsk, it’s nothing but sad.

In England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, averages are currently between 25 and 40 thousand. In Sadsk Arabia, which boasts in its promotional materials that four fifths of its population watch or play football, it is currently 8,758.

make them laugh that the capacity of the largest stadium in the league exceeds 60,000.

They wanted the best league in the world, but don’t go there people…

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