The collapse of the Aston Martin. At the beginning of the year, Red Bull lost, now they are suffering

The collapse of the Aston Martin. At the beginning of the year, Red Bull lost, now they are suffering
The collapse of the Aston Martin. At the beginning of the year, Red Bull lost, now they are suffering

It didn’t work. Change history only as long as Aston Martin is doing at the moment. Bdn.

We are not satisfied, really not. Let’s do everything we can to turn the tide. We are testing, we will send feedback to the factory in Silverston. Hopefully we will get up, hoped Fernando Alonso.

He also suffers. Together with Stroll in the last stages, you don’t even reach the finish line, you often start from the pit, the technique doesn’t work. A mirror image of euphoria from the beginning of the season, when it was above and beyond expectations.

The decline in performance in the middle of the year is a bit odd.

Remember the time Alonso had a meltdown at the Bahrain Grand Prix over the machine he was working on?

Wow, what did you build? he asked in the direction of his seductive engineer. When he overtook Carlos Sainz in Ferrari on the track without problems, he said: Yes! Bye, bye!

This joy lasted him for months.

Out of the eight Grand Prix, he finished four on the podium. In July, the Aston Martin and Stroll’s performance dog was the constructor in the Pohr.

Everything broke just last year. The last eleven seductions? Just one pdium. Stj dropped to fifth place behind Ferrari and McLaren, which stupidly won the championship.

Mm bt upmn? We’re not really fighting for anything. To use it as much as possible, look for the correct setting. In Pohru Konstruktr, we are blocked in the fifth place, from which we cannot move. And in the driver’s seat? We are sure to lose our position, declared the 42-year-old man without scruples.

In the last few weeks, he has been busy, otherwise not at the beginning of the season.

Surrendered, strained, depressed, resigned. That’s probably the main reason why the company started to work on social media, when Sergio Preze suffered a replacement in Red Bull last season.

But that will not happen. No one around him confirmed anything like that. In addition, Aston Martin wants to continue with Alonso very much, so it is most likely that he will stay, said Craig Slater, a Sky Sport reporter who was informed at the time.

The question is what will happen to Aston Martin. I’ve been talking about the sale for a while now. Lawrence Stroll invested 128 million pounds in n three years ago. He started to build new factories, modernized them, drove people into the dark. It’s just that the rush won’t come right away.

We developed this car 30 years ago. That pt will be developed in the new campus, which is quite a dramatic change. I know we will take care. Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve done for fun. Besides, I’m a fan of Red Bull, revealed the businessman.

In about a year, it will also open its own aerodynamic tunnel, which will be a massive step forward in terms of the design and development of other cars.

It’s easy to forget that last year she was one hundred and seven and was often at the end of the starting field. The leap she made in the past winters is enormous.

Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin at the Hungaroring

But to beat the momentum from the beginning of the season? With a team that has gone through so many changes in the field of personnel and processes? Against established brands like Ferrari and Mercedes? A bad bike, at least for now.

Lawrence is currently unavailable, Mike Krack tweeted. But neither do we. No one is there. When you have such great results at the beginning of the season and then lose your competitiveness, what a shame. But we know what to glue, that’s the main thing.

Even Alonso is confident that Aston Martin is working hard to enter the new year stronger. So that he does not suffer a similar decline in performance as this year.

And then the man will spread the joy again.

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