We are not lost, claims the boss of Aston Martin Krack – F1sport.cz

We are not lost, claims the boss of Aston Martin Krack – F1sport.cz
We are not lost, claims the boss of Aston Martin Krack – F1sport.cz

Aston Martin experienced a rarely seen drop in form this season. However, boss Mike Krack denies that the team led by him did not know what to do.

While in the first half of the season Aston Martin was one of the pleasant surprises and even strove for a position among the three strongest teams, after the summer break the stable from Silverstone is not doing well and is falling.

Moreover, in recent races, Aston Martin drivers have started from the pits several times after the team decided to fundamentally change the car’s settings after qualifying, or to completely replace some parts (in the case of Fernando Alonso and the USA GP).

Aston boss Mike Krack rules out that the team doesn’t know what to do and is fumbling.

“I expected this question. But if you’re lost, you try things that aren’t sensible, which is not the case for us,” said Krack, as quoted by RacingNews365.

“We are having very deep engineering discussions and are considering different options. And even if we don’t want to start from the pit lane, it is very important that we understand the knowledge we are working with and then make pragmatic decisions,” explained the Luxembourger, whose team is in fifth position in the Constructors’ Cup.

Aston Martin’s current problem is that when they put some news on their cars, their optimization doesn’t go exactly as planned. Lando Norris from rival McLaren was also recently surprised that Aston Martin always fails after deploying improvements.

“We were pretty happy with how it ended up going in Austin, but then you come to Mexico, you’re not where you think you should be performance-wise, and the car doesn’t do what you expect it to do. It’s something we have to work on,” Krack realizes.

“The best way to understand news is to go back to something you know and then compare it. This is the best approach from an engineering point of view,” added the Aston Martin boss.

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