I wanted to prove that I am here, Vrna said. He can’t do it like this


In the third game, we got in the way… Our quality is definitely not good, listen to Craig Berube’s rather ironic two answers after the game with the Avalanche (1:4).

In the fifth week, the first Blues coach decided to replace Vrna.

We need more from him, some kind of answer. In the last few games, I simply didn’t see much of that in his game, he noted, for the Saints, he missed a third against Winnipeg and then left him out of the lineup in the next two duels. Gotta work on the reindeer.

Coach St. Louis Craig Berube gesticulates towards decisions.

I’m not happy about it, but I respect the decision. I got a message that I have to be better. So drink it. I want to help the darkness and be its bite. I wanted to prove that I am here, responded the twenty-seven-year-old forward.

He still doesn’t like ice. In addition to not using the opportunity in the form of an open break, during the fifteen minutes on the ice he only got to the goal between the two.

A really sad record, however, is that with three points for one goal and two assists so far, he is among the most productive players. Specifically, it was about Aunt Puck. The longest in this regard is Estibod’s Robert Thomas, whose only two goals conceded is equal to the position of the best goal scorer.

Jeremy Rutherford from the prestigious server The Athletic rightly points out that, on the one hand, the pop star does not have enough power on the pesile horse and in this formation he figures with a much weaker skater, Kevin Hayes.

So what of Berube’s suffering? Take Vrnovo and start the game. Against Colorado, the ice hockey player unluckily recorded a minus point when he ran a mile to the goal in front of a water cannon.

Jakub Vrna (15) from St. Louis Blues attacked in the match with the Winnipeg Jets Nate Schmidt (88) and Vladislav Namestnikov.

I hear it a lot, he talked about the criticism towards him in the direction of the defense. I have the feeling that I have become better over the years… But the space is always there, it is better for him to manage the puck, grind it more, be strong on it and move with it in better spaces.

He came from Vrna under a determined Due to a long hiatus, or due to injury or being placed in the assistance program, he did not consider falling out of the lineup as a tragedy.

I learned here that things don’t always go according to your expectations. That’s why I won’t stop working and will continue to work hard, he promised. It is his duty to win the team, I hope that I will write to him as much as possible.

But I didn’t know how to do it.

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