Jabirova will help the Palestinians. I want peace, I am sad, he says and plans a foundation

Jabirova will help the Palestinians. I want peace, I am sad, he says and plans a foundation
Jabirova will help the Palestinians. I want peace, I am sad, he says and plans a foundation

“I’m happy with the victory, but I haven’t been happy lately. The situation in the world worries me,” she began the story in a courtyard in Cancun, Mexico, after which she immediately burst into tears. After a while, she again spoke about the ongoing conflict, which broke out after Hamas killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, in an unexpected attack on Israel.

In retaliation, Israel launched a campaign against Hamas, since then approximately nine thousand people have died in the Gaza Strip, according to local authorities.

“It is very difficult to see children and babies dying there every day. That’s why I decided to donate part of my financial reward to help the Palestinians,” revealed Džábirová.

“I know it’s supposed to be about tennis, but watching those videos every day is really frustrating,” she added. “This is not a political message, it’s just humanity. I want peace,” the Arab tennis player sent towards the conflict taking place not far from her home.

The Tunisian player won over Vondroušová 6:4, 6:3, thus avenging her defeat from this year’s Wimbledon final. Nevertheless, she later admitted at a press conference that thoughts about the war conflict were doing her a lot of harm while concentrating on tennis.

“I can’t sleep peacefully or relax. The worst thing is that I feel hopeless, I feel like I can’t do anything. I wish I had a magic hand and could end everything,” described Džábirová.

Immediately she repeated that she wanted freedom and peace for all. “I know that money means nothing to the Palestinians at the moment. Nevertheless, I hope that they will at least help them a little.

Tournament of Champions

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At the Tournament of Champions, Džábirová still has hopes of advancing to Saturday’s semifinals. In order to get closer to her dream goal, she should beat Poland’s Iga Šwiateková in two sets in Friday’s match. “But these matches are nothing against what’s going on in the world.”

That is why the Tunisian tennis player is already planning her own initiative. “I don’t just want to be an athlete, but mainly a good person. My tennis career will end anyway,” he realizes. “I want to help people who are in a difficult situation. I will be starting my own foundation soon.”

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