Asphalt is being removed on the Chuchli roadway after the rally, the road will be paved with it


We want to promote rallying to as wide a circle of fans as possible and encourage new fans to motorsport. We were looking for an attractive and non-traditional environment and a location that would be perfectly accessible by public transport. The rally here will be like in the palm of your hand and the spectators will see the entire course of the super special, Tom Kunc, manager of the Stedoevropsk rally, explained before the race, why the race was held at the race track in Chuchli.

The newly built 2.5 kilometer long circuit had this only el. After leaving the drain, the surface began to be removed again. Seduce yourself to the original form.

What was laid and compacted was returned to the packaging plant and is used to build new roads, said Milan Teichman, chairman of the off-road committee of the Autoklub R. He added that if placed on geotextiles, it would be used to repair minor road damage.

At the moment, calm continues on the seduction table, down to the lower part. It should have been finished by today, but it wasn’t, said the project manager of Chuchle Arena Prague, Fabrizio Sinigallia, saying that he is trying to have it cleaned from the asphalt and ready for the horse race by Saturday.

He stated that the grass that was damaged by asphalt is not attractive. Racing is thus not endangered. It was worth sprinkling grass seed on the site.

According to Teichman, the reaction after the seduction was positive. Both on the part of the seductress, the requester, and the wild one. Even Sinigallia was proud of his cooperation with the car club, and he would not hesitate to cooperate. We still have to take into account the safety of those horses, he added.

The Stedovevropsk rally took place from 26 to 29 June 2023 in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Zvod started in Hradany in the presence of President Petr Pavle. They used to drink to Chuchle to cheat around the thousand girls.

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