Kincl broke down the background of the Octagon: Vmola had a secret contract, but they explained my terms to him

Kincl broke down the background of the Octagon: Vmola had a secret contract, but they explained my terms to him
Kincl broke down the background of the Octagon: Vmola had a secret contract, but they explained my terms to him

Patrik Kincl and Karlos Vmola changed their words for the second time this May. Kincl, who, thanks to a perfect defense on the net, celebrated the win on points. Vmola has not bitten this pork to this day, but soon it seemed that this rescue would definitely not happen.

After Vmola knocked out home star Pavol Langer after 7 seconds at the Oktagon 47 tournament in Bratislava in January, he drank a lot of change. Terminator, who is slowly preparing for the end of his career, very confidently challenged Patrik Kincl.

The closed trilogy was supposed to take place at the end of the year in the O2 arena. Vmola had no doubt at all that Kincl would moan at his offer. It will always be as I say. I chose Kincl, said Vmola not long ago for CNN Prima News.

But this week, the Oktagon MMA organization announced an unexpected start for many. On December 29, Kincl will defend ps against Slovakian bomber epo. According to the co-owner of the organization Ondej Novotnho, the main role was played by the financial demands from the ampion.

I’m surprised that we first agree on something without further demands and then this comes a week later. First of all, in such a general declaration, moreover, it is necessary to change the size of the demands, which were out of line with reality, said Ondej Novotn to, who stated that Kincl pr gave a payment comparable to the pension received by a UFC survivor fighting for the title.

I am not willing to pay the vc rates that are in the contract. I’m also not willing to pay the UFC pension for an echch tournament. UFC title retirement, when will it be like this? There are limits, and we have to meet it in such a way as to pay for the tournaments and in the round and to earn money. We can’t do it just for the gold of anyone, added Novotn.

ampion Kincl took a few days to think about it and now on his YouTube channel he released the contents, in which he describes the whole thing from his point of view.

As soon as I bought it, I asked for a villa and a yacht in the Caribbean and an annuity for life. I don’t think so. I made it clear that I wanted the same contract that Karel had for his marriage with me. I want the same conditions with the fact that I don’t want things or me. I said how much information do I have, because Ondra stopped there, saying that I can’t tell who has what payments. Terms and contracts are confidential. I then told him what had come to me. I have that from the source, so I’m sure that’s the case, ekl na vod Kincl

At that amount, Ondra hesitated a little and said that he (Karel) can’t afford such a salary, that he can’t afford to go there. So I went 20% down. I’m 99% sure I undercut it by 20%. It was worth it, however, if he would show me Karl’s contract, how he had the conditions for a match with me, and I would jump into it. It did not happen. I knew his contract was a secret added the current middleweight king of the Octagon.

Vmola has a secret contract, but its terms have been explained to him

Kincl made no secret of the fact that he was surprised that he could not see the terms of Vmol’s contract.

I can see his conditions, but my conditions, which I asked for, were interpreted to Karl and he did not agree with them. This is a feedback for me, that Karel and not Oktagon will be my next save. I don’t know how it will turn out… The details didn’t have to be revealed and I didn’t have to come out because I don’t like it. km, I wanted the same conditions as Karel had. I didn’t care Patrik Kincl explained.

According to color information, Vmola’s payment for the May fight with Kincle should have been around 2.5 million crowns. The current champion should have demanded just such a reward for his fight with Vmola. In his release, Kincl argued so clearly that he would like a UFC title pension after Novotny and gave a clear example.

We’re nowhere near there. In 2021, as far as I can find, he had the minimum payment for the title of Sterling 230 thousand dollars (5.39 million crowns, editor’s note). I definitely didn’t say that. I don’t want it, I didn’t ask for it, I just wanted the same contract, the same conditions and pension as Karel should have had for his life, ekl on the beast Kincl.

While Patrik Kincl is currently preparing for the long-awaited epic, Vmola was sent to the December tournament in the O2 arena for the replacement of Samuel Pirt Kritofia, with whom he has unresolved disputes.

Five years ago, they tried to save each other several times, but so far it has not happened. Now compete in the agreed weights up to 88.5 kilograms. In both Szko offices and fans, Vmola is the clear favorite and anything other than Terminator’s dominant relationship would be an eyesore.

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