Sparta announces reinforcements for the attack: When she called, I took her with all ten


“Radek Mužík fits perfectly into our team. He is a shapely young player who, at the age of twenty-two, has played five seasons in the demanding Nordic leagues. We expect emphasis from him in the area in front of the goal and outside it,” declared the head of Sparta’s sports department, Tomáš Divíšek.

Mužík has been working abroad since 2018, when he left junior club Pilsen for Swedish Luley. He made his debut in the top flight for her in the 2019/20 season, and moved to Örebro last December. In the Swedish SHL, he has played 154 games including the playoffs and collected 17 points for eight goals and nine assists.

He headed to Tappara Tampere before the season. He scored a point for a goal scored in nine games in the Finnish league. He played six matches in the Champions League and did not score. A few days ago, however, he agreed with the Finnish champion, who leads the league table even now, on the early termination of his one-year contract. He passed the clause that after three months both parties will decide whether the contract will continue. In the end, that didn’t happen.


Radek Mužík (left) during the Junior WC 2021.

“I felt that I wanted to return to the Czech Republic, and when Sparta called a few days ago, I took it with all ten,” says the native of Klatov, who also played at the Junior World Championship in 2021.

“David Vitouch did not finish the match in Pardubice due to injury and will be absent for a long time. We are also accompanied by some other injuries. That’s why we decided together with the coaches to expand and improve the quality of our staff even more,” explains Divíšek signing the new reinforcements.

“I really have no idea what to expect from the extra league, because I’ve never played it after all. But it will be an interesting and new experience. I’m really looking forward to it. The Extraliga has grown tremendously, and I’m going to join one of the best teams in the Czech Republic,” says Mužík, who already trained with Sparta on Thursday.

He could start for her for the first time on Friday in Kladno, or two days later at home against Pilsen. “I was still on the ice in Tappara on Monday, so I’m ready to jump in at any time. But if I played for the first time only on Sunday against Pilsen, it would be very strange. I know almost everyone from Pilsen, I have a lot of friends there, so it would be an interesting premiere,” Mužík reminds us that Škoda brought him up for big time hockey.

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