We are in the dark, but we are watching the market

We are in the dark, but we are watching the market
We are in the dark, but we are watching the market

f sports section Tom Divek is satisfied with the start of the season after the points on the page, and the dog, who has some weak performances, knows how he reacts to it. “We chose the team as it is and we know how. When someone can’t score points or play a game in the first ten matches, it doesn’t mean anything to us,” said the Sparan manager, who praised the new reinforcements and goal, but did not rule out changes.

Are you satisfied with the course of the warehouse so far?
We are satisfied with the point gain. Of course, some actions were not ideal, but we try to improve and look for mistakes. We had a good start, then we started to slow down, but for now we are satisfied.

It made you sweat that he was able to win matches in which he was not the best?
This is a positive signal. Even when we weren’t the best team, we probably managed to win back to our side. In these matches, both players caught very well. They’ve been there ever since. (smile) But it’s definitely not easy to score points in matches when you can’t do it, but we damn well managed it.

What about the work of special formations?
Weakened we are not real! I haven’t seen such a dream in a long time. They have a great service in this, but their instructions must be fulfilled by the game on the ice. The guys work great and they are excellent in weakened. What about pesilovek, they should be better for the quality of our darkness. We have talented guys, thanks to which we should move on others’ ears, so I hope that we will improve.

Are you happy with the performance of foreign reinforcements?
Jani Lajunen is excellent! We are very satisfied with it, because it does exactly what we bought it for. Aaron Irving has been playing for a long time, and we hope that he will score a little bit, but he plays very solid defensively. Josh Kestner made only two goals in the first quarter, which was disappointing for everyone including him. But we know him, because we know how the starling is. When he will work on the reindeer, it will be two o’clock.

At least the fact that he can get up to speed and make mistakes?
We see that ance m. Josh proved that he is such an unreal stele, so we know what is in him. In the extra league, he doesn’t get the balls that he used to in preparation. But we worked on his march for a long time, so we doubt him. It is necessary for him to constantly work on himself and not do things that are not his own.

And the power of eskch reinforcements?
Vojta Mozk enjoyed his role and works very long. It’s a pity for the guy, because he was slightly injured and sick right after the march. We can only hope that he will be healthy, otherwise I am not worried about him. Urit gets into it. Ondra Najman started very well, then unfortunately he got injured, which affected his performance a little. But we really appreciate the fact that even the dog is not badly injured.

Did the first quarter show the fundamentals of how Jakub Kove and Josef Koen, who would catch as number one in the extra league, should have been hit together?
She is the first thing that we hit Pepa, but the second and decided that he wanted to catch here, even when he knew his position. code that he was injured after the first rescue. It was full, that the catch saved things, but the rotation of the golman slowed down. It all fell on Kovy, but Koen is back and will show up again. Both are excellent goalkeepers, in my opinion we have the best two in the Extraliga. For us, it is important that the boys want to be together, whatever is going on. Don’t look at yourself through your fingers when you catch the guy.

When there were injuries or penalties, young guys like David Senk or Michal Vitouch played brilliantly. What about their actions?
We are satisfied with how the boys work in the junior league and the second league. When they stepped into the box, they played their role perfectly. In Sparta, the young players have a hard time, because the manaft is very strong. When the boys started, they played very well and I knew that by the end of the season we would go to play, so that we could wear them under the age of five.


In extralization, there is an analogy in the mind, why don’t you take it easy?
We’re not going crazy. We chose it as it is and in it. When someone can’t fill up the points or the game window in the first ten matches, it doesn’t mean anything to us. We know what’s going on, but of course we follow the market. When the name comes up, we can talk about it.

You David Krej?
Are you asking me if we want David Krej? (laughs)

The whole extra league will want David. We’ll see how everything turns out, because everyone will understandably want a game of his caliber. But we will definitely monitor his situation.

Changed goalkeeper Jakub Kov five minutes into the game, whose contract ended after the season. Are you asking about their extension?
Pick a time when the boys and I are going to have fun and sit down. Around the national team break, we want to meet again, try some options and find a common e. Kuba Kov is not the only one, we have the end of our contracts, so we will get into it and start thinking about the next season.

To be sure, you should also rub the word.
I don’t know that they wouldn’t talk about the future with trainers elsewhere either. Choose a game with long groups, where friction is the main word. We try to have fun with them, and when they are interested in an interesting game, we start to reveal their situation.

Is the collaboration with Pavlo Gross and Miloslav Hoava a big bike for you, when you especially went to ride the latter as a game?
I know everything. The entire implementation of the team was excellent and at a high level. I got a lot of help from Jarda Hlinka, who is such a mediator. From the boy, I know every day. Very reliable. Dleit is there, don’t know your vision, but let’s listen to each other a lot and have fun together. It’s working so far, so I hope it continues!

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