Fight with Zln for the whole season, to Pardubice coach Kov

Fight with Zln for the whole season, to Pardubice coach Kov
Fight with Zln for the whole season, to Pardubice coach Kov

It’s true that this save is essentially the entire season, Pardubice coach Radoslav Kov confirmed. But I don’t want to present it in the booth as if we have to win. Guys, take a long time to see what it’s all about. And I also don’t like the word must, we really want a lot in the first place, and that is a significant difference, he added.

Pardubice – Zln

Saturday 15.00 online

Not only due to the fact that Pardubice have lost only once in their own team in the autumn of the season, in mid-August they defeated Karvina 2:1, since then the maximum tie.

We would really like to grab it second hand. I would also like to invite as many fans as possible to this one, said Kov, who was also a little worried about the absence of a domestic boiler. Of course, I appreciate that there is no core behind the wall, I would like to get out of the problem as soon as possible, but I have not been here since. My concern is about the hit game, Kov added.

You about Toma Solila, who finally got out of a long-term injury and after more than nine years in Budjovice, he ran again on the first league pitch. He spent twenty minutes on it.

After a year’s absence, it was fine. I don’t want to reveal anything concrete, but we have it in our heads. We’re so glad he’s back, body Kove.

In connection with Zln, Pardubite fans will certainly remember the 1:2 loss in May, but also the recent laziness with Mlada Boleslav 5:9. Kov observed that none of this was true.

Zln is coming with a new coach and two zeroes (with Olomouc in the league and Ostrava in the game) in the walls. even we have a fight with a compactly organized defense and break game at the tip with Vuk (Vukadin Vukadin), Kov said.

The club prepared a special event for the fans before the match. At 7:30 a.m., the Halloween parade will start, in which ten people will join. One will be made up of a team led by Vladimr Pitter’s club. Dal information about the event is on the club website.

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