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“It will be harder than we thought,” admits OKTAGON management

“It will be harder than we thought,” admits OKTAGON management
“It will be harder than we thought,” admits OKTAGON management

The OKTAGON MMA organization has been talking about foreign expansion for a long time, but it finally happened last year. However, the wait was worth it. Indeed, OKTAGON established itself and established itself very quickly on German soil. Already this Saturday, the next part of the expansion will take place, which is not yet going completely according to plans.

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“I admit that we evaluated the situation in England a little differently than what the reality is now. Initially, we thought that everything would be easier there, because the people there already know MMA well and they don’t look down on it like they did eight years ago in our country or even more recently in Germany when we entered there.

We expected that the average English viewer would be more willing to process it, but unfortunately that is not the case. It’s still a bit prehistoric. There are still groups of fans who come to just one match and then leave again. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes. We have to build a classic scene there, like here, but we already have experience with that. It will be harder than we thought, but we are used to big challenges. Roll up your sleeves and start all over again. It starts with Manchester on Saturday and will continue with other tournaments,” Pavol Neruda admitted to that the situation in England is different from what was expected.

“I would say that if in Germany we have the feeling that they treat us a bit like a group from the East, then in England we have this feeling even more. It’s more challenging than there. We have to prove even more who we are and what we can do to be taken seriously.

Perhaps there is a historical point of view in this, that they used to be the rulers of the world and we are still someone very small to them. But again, I would say that the English are hardworking, more open to new things than the Germans. In Germany, everything runs in established boxes, no one there is able to think a centimeter off. There is a difference in this too.’

What is waiting for us?

4.11. Manchester – OCTAGON 48

Aby vs Garcia – flyweight title fight

Staines vs Frimpong – OCTAGON Final Challenges England vs Ireland

Askham vs Doussis

Quickenden vs Smith

Rock vs Humble

Wanliss vs Bahnik

Yousaf vs Deh

Carthwright vs Assis

Lohoré vs Surdu

Chadwick vs Polívka

Gelezi vs McDonald

18.11. Cologne – OCTAGON 49

Moeil vs Todev for the heavyweight title

Eckerlin vs Apollo

Engizek vs ?

Montagnac vs MacDonald

Ilbay vs. Fry

Hromek vs Brajshori

Kalashnik vs Stolze

Dyrschka vs ?

9.12. Ostrava – OCTAGON 50

Keita vs Samsonidse – for the featherweight title

Paradeiser vs Buchinger 2 – for the lightweight title

Lengál vs Bark

Kuznik vs Hosseinpour

Xavier vs Vinnie

Bartl vs. Lewis

Konrad vs Novak

Wide vs Nafuka

Raška vs Kotalík

Roušal vs ?

29.12. Prague – OCTAGON 51

Kincl vs Čepo – for the middleweight title

Veličković vs Michailidis – Final Tipsport Gamechanger

Vémola vs Pirate

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