We must have medals. Fibingerov by a million for Vadlejch and Athlete of the Year


In an interview for iDNES.cz, he looked back on the past season, discussed the preparation of the event and reflected on the future of Czech athletics.

According to vs, how was the year 2023 for esk athletes?
At the beginning, he was a little nervous, but then Taffeta and Kuba Vadlejch, who I admire for being able to complete so many seductions, flashed at the World Championship. In indoor sports, the season when Tomi Stak and Amlka won the vbkov (both of them finished in the VTZ level at the indoor ME), suggested that we simply have to have medals. I think that the current generation is based on time and will have results, even when the competition is huge compared to other sports.

And that’s how new superpowers grow, you Vadlejch fought in the final in Budapest immediately with these Indians.
I thought they would be there. If there was no otp and the last day of the ampiont and Cuba didn’t have to wait so long and under elite pressure, he could have won. A day later, he beat the bag of support at the Diamond League in Zurich. But bronze is asn spch. I am happy that for the suffering he suffered, I have a million for it, among other things.

Did he get a reward?
We had business partners in Hungary, and Mr. Leon Tsoukernik told me: Well, since you love athletics so much, if Cuba wins a medal, you will get a million. I wondered if I should honor him. I was afraid that it wouldn’t work for him. And when Kuba presented the medal and I called him, he said: I thank you very much, my husband too. Thanks to this, I will be able to get a luxurious preparation for the next season.

For the fifth year, the European Championships will take place after the Olympic Games. Do you see this summer’s bronze season as promising for these two events?
Yes, but I personally do not consider two peaks less than two months apart to be suitable. On the other hand, it may happen that someone misses the European Championships, and otherwise they will have a chance to win a medal, which will be possible after the fight, but easier. And that medal gave me motivation. I think we have no reason to be sad or pessimistic. Young people today can do whatever they want, we must try to have the conditions.

Jakub Vadlejch brought home a bronze medal from the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

The first juniors won several medals this year, and the company Lurdes Gloria Manuel won the European championships.
She wants to make athletics famous. From experience, I know that athletes from modest means have the will to reach it. Society is good in general, but in my time being a top athlete meant being better than others. We didn’t get that much money, but every month of the year I spent 14 days in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Canary Islands. And the rush is so beautiful. When I left the seductress, I almost missed that no one applauded me. That’s why I try to get involved in athletics in other ways as well.

You are competing for the Athlete of the Year, his flight will be held on Saturday. What does this event mean?
Athlete of the year is the icing on the cake for us. M pm penos on TV and thus a very high viewership. And our business partners don’t just want advertising in stadiums, but also a nice gala. To what extent it was possible to make such an event, I cannot judge. For me, the priority is the athletes that I like.

Are you planning another special?
I always want to invent something new. I consider you an involved athlete of our tradition to be very active, even if it is not easy for him to perform, and you Kuba Vadlejch u kal: won’t you want me to sing? But we have another surprise that will also be loved.

How long will the preparations take?
Basically the whole year. The athlete of the year is gone, my heart will drop, and the next morning I will find out how the viewership was. Then it happens that I set my mind to something, for example a performance by an artist, so I try to make it happen. And then when I look up to our athletes, such a group of beautiful young people, I’m so jealous of them. And I thought that in the next few years I would break their chains. I tell them so much, and I’m sick of it.

Five years ago I will be 75 years old and under a lot of vc.
I will drive 100,000 kilometers in a year, but that’s about rd, because even at that age I can do it. And if I had to evaluate it, even in connection with the Athlete of the Year, although I have a lot of work to do with it, I’m going well as I wanted. And I think that many people do not have this respect.

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