Smea, block bodybuilder, hammer! The volleyball player was a joke in the bulletin


I did it on purpose to see if anyone had a bulletin, laughed Beer after a flight home of extraleague premiums with Resistant Water.

Beer, that’s one of a kind. The full activity is in the volleyball bat, including the content of the sports program. Their bite is the roster. And to the Canadian laugher Levi Olson, a bodybuilder introduced the specialization, Tom Hendrich again earned the title of hammer.

When the proofreading went through, Beer appointed Miroslav Pikryl, the functional director of the Czech club, so he didn’t know about it. I asked if anyone would come: Look, there are some birdhouses there. I’ll let it go there until pt.

Levi Olson aka Couturier.

Tom Hendrich aka Hammer.

Two game changers don’t have your nicknames by accident. Olson’s angular figure is not to be overlooked. He is brown, but a little under 190 centimeters. I’m good as a k. When he kicks, it’s unbearable. “Must, he should have done it differently with that age,” Beer said to Kanaan. The boy jumped on a thorn. When he runs forward and doesn’t block, that’s it.

Hendrich, a kind of stack universal, is also for ranae. It’s really our hammer, it’s not suitable for service, praised the creator of the 195-cm-tall passport reporter.

There are few things Beer hasn’t looked up to in the club. If I’m not a maser, I wouldn’t allow myself to do that. I’m a bloke, also one of the assistants, mm in charge of defense in front, dlm markeka. We agreed with my wife that I will focus on things around. Some responsibilities are ours. If anyone wants to sponsor us, please contact me. Then I will get a commission from it, and not ra, joked the thirty-five-year-old woman who also worked in Liberec, Innsbruck, Alpen Volleys and Karlovy Vary.

Marek Beer in the jersey of the ESK national team.

st in two rounds of the extra league took one point for a 2:3 draw with Odolena Voda. After the summer stress, the team warms up. Changes are a bit of a pain, but we had to make them. Especially after the fall in the middle of the season. There is new blood from the trainer after the game, the inside of which is new.

as is what the company of the young trainer Ondeje needs most. He has to crystallize it. “The record is like cocaine, it’s still on speed, we need to calm it down a bit,” said the former representative of Beer to the Ukrainian Ivan Pljaseckho, a reinforcement from Lv Praha. The experiences that will come will help him. He wants a party. And let’s keep calm for a moment, it’ll be fine.

The average age of an extra-league player is twenty years. Twenty-five with a trainer, twenty-one with a rou. We’re a bit young, but it’s exciting. I’m going to třínčí and my wife at home has to reassure me that I’m not twenty-five. I know, but what can I do when I’m with 17-year-old boys? Then even we old people will learn to behave like girls. It’s okay, we can’t hit, we have to be up there guys! Beer slammed into the table.

I agree with the coach that it could be a good season before 100. The penultimate one died last year. We have support from the fans, which the regiment of the extra league could see. And we have to play better and better volleyball!

And thanks to a bodybuilder and a hammer.

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