tonk Tomek extended his contract with Frjestad until 2026

tonk Tomek extended his contract with Frjestad until 2026
tonk Tomek extended his contract with Frjestad until 2026

Tomek scored 12 points in 15 games in the national league, which put him in eleventh place in total productivity, and with eight goals, he was in second place among the players. The offensive leader of Frjestad is also a champion in the League, where he scored three goals and the same number of assists in six duels. Tomek is not missing in the nomination of the Czech national team for the Karjala tournament, which will be played five days a week in Vxj and Tampere.

It’s still fantastic. It’s dark, I personally started the time and collected some points. Thank you for helping me. The guys, the club leader and everyone around me were drinking great. They helped me get used to SHL, said Tomek. Frjestad leads the entire league with a seven-point jump, and in the League, the champion advanced from fourth place to the round of 16, where he was also defeated by Biel.

Tomek, who also played for Pardubice in the extra league, also had stints in Finnish Jyvskyl and Russian Khabarovsk in the KHL. With Frjestad, the order would go for its first career triumph. I respect the time, we have a good time and I think there is a chance to achieve something great here in the future. It’s good to know what my near future will be like. I don’t have to worry about what will happen. He needs to focus on his game and on the darkness here, added Tomek.

In Frjestad, praise the reinforcement from eska. David achieved what we hoped for with his offensive skills. we expected that we would have to be a little patient with his adaptation to SHL, not to fully utilize his potential. But so much time passed that we decided to extend the cooperation. It has all the prerequisites to be the top game of the league. He is such an important personality in the cabin and it seems that he has also gained the fans’ favor, declared the general manager of Frjestad Rickard Wallin.

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