Ruin and shame. San Jose is suffering, fans are asking: Would they benefit from relegation?

Ruin and shame. San Jose is suffering, fans are asking: Would they benefit from relegation?
Ruin and shame. San Jose is suffering, fans are asking: Would they benefit from relegation?

Based on pre-season predictions and the opinion of experts, it could be assumed that the Sharks would be among the worst. But who could have expected that they would be so suffering?

First, allow for a statistic that summarizes the suffering so far.

David Quinn’s Saints are bottom of the table. They lost all ten games, and so far they have robbed Colorado of a single point, which they lost to in separate games.

Don’t just have the worst defense (45 goals conceded), but also flow. They did not succeed more than once in the day’s games, a total of ten goals is really sad.

We’ll stay with the poor productivity for a moment. While the San Jose game combined for twenty-four points, the brothers Jack, Luke and Quinn Hughes registered in the statistics fourteen times.

The latter psob first in Vancouver. He had an extraordinary appearance for the condemned team from California, with a balance of one accurate shot and those assists, he became the first star of the rescue.

November 3, 2023 at 7:30 pspvek archived: November 3, 2023 at 10:53 am

The Canucks started to think again, the team could only look blankly and shake their heads. There was no doubt about vtzi right from the arrest. In eight minutes, the score was 0:3 on the ice, and 0:6 in the middle of the duel.

At the training session, it was obvious that we were psychologically down. We lost two, but we didn’t have time to recover. We are disappointed, said Quinn at the press conference.

Fabian Zetterlund scored at least one goal for the decimated team in the 57th minute. Even so, it was the worst pork house in San Jose history.

I’ve never been in a similar situation, neither have the other guys. And where to look for positives? I can only think of one thing, we can’t beat the mountains, Nico Sturm blurted out.

Even the young Hertl spoke dejectedly: It’s okay, I have no words. We couldn’t do anything, we left the goal behind. One can get over such a shame, but we have to forget about it.

In the past, only the New York Rangers (1943/44) and Arizona (2017/18, 2021/22) hockey players had a better start to the season, which suffered 11 losses in the series.

I’ll tell you, it’s embarrassing. And such a debacle is getting worse all the time, we took a big step back, said the exasperated Sharks coach.

A quick reaction from the cabin: Each of us must look in the mirror. It’s no secret that we’re going through a rebuilding, but that doesn’t mean we can slow down. Alas, some games have it set that way.

Vancouver game check San Jose goaltender Kaapa Khkonen’s health.

In the twenty-ninth minute they lost to an early goal by Kaap Khkonen, and the absence of captain Logan Couture, Alexander Barabanov and Matt Benning didn’t help much.

San Jose in particular would do better with them, but not by that much. It was not for nothing that all the experts tipped him to finish last in the table before the season. We don’t remember such five teams in the NHL for a long time, some agreed.

To Hertl et al. the fans also start to care. No one expected anything from them, but this is absolute waste and suffering. Do you forget that they are professionals? So far they haven’t shown anything, wrote one of them on social media X.

Submitted vote that their favorite darkness would benefit most from a descent into it. Of course it’s a shame, because nothing like that is possible.

And with everything looking bleak at the moment, one can only imagine that the Sharks could become the historically least sleepy team in the NHL lineup. Vdy Washington scored only twenty-one points in the 1974/75 season!

Such a failure is unlikely, the best hockey tournament in the world has leveled off in recent years. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Atlanta (1999/00) and Detroit (2019/20) have played the hardest games, which both collected nineteen points.

Join them San Jose? We just have to move forward. It’s tiring for us! We will throw ourselves into the thorn, we will act like darkness. And I guarantee you we’re going to win, declared a determined Quinn.

He gave the Saints a chance to close out their first home run Sunday (5 p.m. SE) against Pittsburgh.

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