Divek hls: Lajunen is great, The boy has it tk. Sparta is also watching Krejho


The seven-year-old Tonk ended his career in the NHL in 2015, and is currently without a contract. He’s getting ready, he says, he doesn’t want to rush anywhere. At two, he announced: Until the season, calm in the evening and around the night.

One of the best Czech centers is understandably in demand. Hope for his return in Olomouc, before the playoffs they would receive a strong reinforcement in Pardubice, Tinca and first at Sparta. And let’s not forget the teams from other European competitions.

We will see how everything turns out, but we will definitely monitor his situation, Tom Divek, who is in charge of sports affairs, said in an interview for the club’s website.

It’s not just about Krej. Praan has also spread elsewhere in the hot market, but don’t go crazy. They have a quality game at every position, there is no need for striking shots yet.

In the dark, as we chose. When someone can’t fill up the points or the game window in the first ten matches, it doesn’t mean anything to us. We know what’s going on, said Divek.

His words can be compared to Josh Kestner, who was supposed to play the role of gunner, but in the first quarter of the game he only made it twice: It was disappointing for everyone, including him. But we know him.

Sparta’s goalie Josh Kestner in extra time beat the Czech goal on Ondej Kacetl.

Zlepen indicated the American tank in the upcoming home match against Tine. He scored twice, after a solo goal in overtime, Sparta scored an extra point.

On the other hand, Praan is satisfied with Jani Lajunen from the water wheels. The world champion from 2011 collected ten points (3+7), in addition, he had a great shot at the throw-in (56.52%). Then they are excellent! Full of songs, that’s why we took him, Divek praised himself.

He is also proud of the achievements of Vojtcha Mozek, and hopes for increased productivity with the other defender Aaron Irving. He also singled out the contribution of Ondej Najman, who is full of defensive wheels and is coming back with a nasty injury in his leg.

And what about the most famous pre-season acquisition, Filip Chlapk? This is because he was slightly wounded and sick right after the march. We can only hope that he will be healthy, otherwise I am not worried about him. Urit gets into it, in Divek.

Vladimr Sobotka also missed a few passes. David Vitouch did not finish the final match in Pardubice, according to the original reports, he will be absent for a long time. That’s why Sparta looked for Muk, he just spent his last years in the countryside.

The type of nm fits perfectly into the frame. He is a well-built young player who, at the age of twenty-two, has played five seasons in the northern Nordic leagues. Let’s expect from him a path in the area in front of the goal and outside it, said Divek.

November 2, 2023 at 10:30 p.m. pspvek archived: November 3, 2023 at 1:34 p.m.

The season so far has been good, Sparta will be under the new coach Pavel Gross. Even when it wasn’t the best team in some matches, it managed to get bigger. Zdob is the fifth best weakened in the league (91.53%).

I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time. We also have excellent goalkeepers, in my opinion the strongest pair in the league. On the contrary, we have to stick together, we should move on the ears of others, commented bval tonk.

Praan lost eight points to leader Pardubice, seven points to runner-up Litvnov. Before the break, the representatives will challenge to go to Kladno and Plzeň, then there is another program. Immediately play seven out of eight saves outside.

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