ONLINE: A round full of derbies. Litvnov collects, compare Sparta and Pardubice

ONLINE: A round full of derbies. Litvnov collects, compare Sparta and Pardubice
ONLINE: A round full of derbies. Litvnov collects, compare Sparta and Pardubice

Dynamo is following up on a valuable home match over Sparta (4:3) in a generally unpopular environment in the boisterous Olomouc Plecharna. The Hanci are in the bottom half of the table in the competition, but at home they are among the best and they will try to use their familiar surroundings even now against a clear favorite.

The whole city of Liberec, where Litvnov will go, is very strong in front of his own fans. The vigor of all the players was noticed first in the stadiums by the opponents, especially because of their fantastic form, narrowly escaping the first puck.

We want to play outside the same as at home, where we can skate. We have to align ourselves so that we can take out more space outside, exclaims the Lithuanian tonk Nicolas Hlava. Did Odin play along with the last two failures in Olomouc and Pilsen?

With the departure of Aunt Sparta, it will rise again and, strengthened by its efforts, will try to assert itself against Kladno, which, on the other hand, is among the worst on its own ice. Praan for the Ryts started in the fourth round, in which they triumphed clearly 7:1, they defeated the entire team in mutual duels immediately four times in a row.

In the 136th steel derby, Vtkovice is a guest. Surprisingly, the second-to-last team in the table is the quarter Slezany, who have scored in eight consecutive duels. The birds on it may not be as smooth as they should be, but it is a very tough match. The quality of the soupee sides is great, ct assistant Vladimr Orszgh.

For the first time in the season, extraliga fans can watch the derby between Pilsen and Karlovy Vary. The two teams were supposed to meet, but they postponed this duel to Norway and played it during the ice hockey weekend under the German sky in Klingenthal, Germany.

Posledn Mlad Boleslav starts the day after the dismissal of Jiho Kalous in Brno. Vclav Pletka and Martin kaloud will lead the team on the extended weekend. The new trainer Richard Krl will take over the team and on Monday.

The skaters missed the third round due to a viral infection and have a terrible record of nine losses from the last ten races. Kometa wants to lead again, on Friday it starts celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the club.

In addition to Stedoy, the finalists from Hradec will also be in the spring, but they had to meet Boleslav first on Tuesday. ty porky from pedels five bows his bright.

At the beginning of the season, we played a good two games, but since then it seems to me that it is like a swing. Sometimes we play cards, sometimes we go on a flight. Last year, no one wanted to play against them, this year in Hradec, everyone is playing, said Mountfield’s coach Oliver Okuliar after Sunday’s game in Liberec.

Vchodoechy can always have a heated duel with Czech Budjovice, from whom they acquired an extraleague license ten years ago. Even the eighth Engine could not swim after a good start, when it failed twice out of the past nine races.

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