TELH ONLINE: Cracking bike! Three derbies are played in the extra league


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Derby in Ostrava, in Kladno and in Pilsen, plus the usually hyped match between Hradec Králové and České Budějovice – today there will be plenty to watch in the Tipsport Extra League! We remind you that you can watch all matches live on the O2 TV Sport multi-dimension, or in text broadcasts on

The hit of the 17th round of the Tipsport extra league

Vítkovice have played only five games on their ice so far, while Litvínov, for example, has played ten. This may also be one of the reasons why Ostrava are so low in the table. If they are to bounce back, it will be thanks to home wins. Will they be able to start at the expense of their rival from Třinec?

More matches today

17:30 HC Škoda Plzeň – HC Energie Karlovy Vary TEXT TRANSMISSION
The extra league table remains extremely even two months after its start: only eight points separate the fifth-placed Kometa from the thirteenth-placed Vítkovice. How will he mess up the order of the Plzeň derby with Karlovy Vary? The energy is often dangerous outside, only the dominant Pardubice scored more points from the opponent’s stadiums.

18:00 HC Kometa Brno – BK Mladá Boleslav TEXT TRANSMISSION
While Kometa has recovered from the initial crisis and is already chasing the top four, Mladá Boleslav is still at the bottom of the table and its situation is becoming serious. Also because she managed only five points out of a possible 21 away from home. Will he be able to take over before the new coach Richard Krále takes over?

18:00 Knights Kladno – HC Sparta Prague TEXT TRANSMISSION
If the owner Jaromír Jágr criticized the low attendance after the last home match with Pardubice, now Kladno’s coffers could receive a proper financial injection: the derby with Sparta has sound and the fired-up Knights are not going into it as a big outsider for a long time.

18:00 Mountfield HK – Banes Motor České Budějovice TEXT TRANSMISSION
Two wins and five losses? Hradec Králové’s home record is dismal so far. “We have to sweep everyone in front of their own threshold and think about how to help the team,” says Oliver Okuliar, who is the best scorer in the competition with twelve goals.

18:00 HC Olomouc – HC Dynamo Pardubice TEXT TRANSMISSION
David against Goliáš – Olomouc challenges the Pardubice giant with a modest budget. The Roosters got comfortable before the international break, winning three of the last four games. But the favorite is obvious: Dynamo has scored in eight of the nine away games this year and is defending the first place in the table.

18:00 White Tigers Liberec – HC VERVA Litvínov TEXT TRANSMISSION
Will Litvínov stay this high in the table for the whole season? This match will tell a lot. So far, Verva has benefited a lot from home matches, which they have played the most of all teams in the league. At the same time, she is not so strong outside: she got an average of eight points out of a possible eighteen. On the contrary, its opponent Liberec today is effective at home, it did not score in a single game in front of its fans.

The story of the bike

Mladá Boleslav is under pressure, as the third team in the season to change its head coach. The team will be coached by Richard Král, but only from next week. Today Bruslare will still be led by Václav Pletka and Martin Škaloud.

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Tipsport extraliga table

Team OF IN IN P PP P Score Points
1. HC Dynamo Pardubice 16 11 1 3 1 61:37 38
2. HC VERVA Litvínov 16 11 2 0 3 62:42 37
3. HC Sparta Prague 16 8 3 0 5 51:36 30
4. HC Ocelarí Třinec 15 6 3 3 3 45:38 27
5. HC Kometa Brno 16 7 1 1 7 44:43 24
6. White Tigers Liberec 17 6 2 2 7 52:54 24
7. HC Energie Karlovy Vary 16 6 2 1 7 42:39


8. Banes Motor Ceske Budejovice 16 5 2 4 5



9. HC Olomouc 16 5 1 3 7 36:45 20
10. Mountfield HK 15 4 2 3 6 38:38 19
11. HC Škoda Plzeň 15 5 1 1 8 34:41 18
12. Knights of Kladno 14 3 3 2 6 34:47 17
13. HC VÍTKOVICE RIDERA 15 4 1 2 8 38:49 16
14. BK Mladá Boleslav 15 3 1 0 11 10:54 p.m 11

Another Tipsport extraleague program

Sunday 5 November – Round 18:
15:00 HC Steelers Třinec – HC Olomouc
15:30 HC Energie Karlovy Vary – BK Mladá Boleslav
15:30 HC VERVA Litvínov – Mountfield HK
16:00 HC Sparta Prague – HC Škoda Plzeň
16:00 Knights Kladno – White Tigers Liberec
17:00 Banes Motor České Budějovice – HC Kometa Brno
17:00 HC VÍTKOVICE RIDERA – HC Dynamo Pardubice (ČT sport)

Wednesday, November 15 – play-off round 16:
17:30 BK Mladá Boleslav – Mountfield HK

Thursday 16 November – Round 19 pre-match:
18:00 HC Olomouc – HC Sparta Prague (O2 TV Sport)

Friday 17 November – Round 19:
16:00 BK Mladá Boleslav – HC VERVA Litvínov (O2 TV Sport)
16:00 Mountfield HK – HC Steelers Třinec
16:00 White Tigers Liberec – HC Energie Karlovy Vary
16:30 HC Škoda Plzeň – HC Dynamo Pardubice
17:00 HC Kometa Brno – Knights Kladno

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