Krejkov and Siniakov failed and they have little hope, Vondrouov will step up

Krejkov and Siniakov failed and they have little hope, Vondrouov will step up
Krejkov and Siniakov failed and they have little hope, Vondrouov will step up

Pten porka decided that Siniakov and Krejková defeated the Mahahual group with a match balance of 1:2 and a dead set of 3:5. The last duel of the group, which figures in the full beast of the fifth schedule, will decide whether they will make it to the semi-finals.

Krejkov, Siniakov vs. Dabrowsk, Routliffeov

Report from the match

I need Gauffov and Jessica Pegulaov to win 2:1 in sets over Laura Siegemund and Vra Zvonareva, in that case all those pairs would score a quick set 3:5 and a tie would decide between them.

Any win will advance Siegemund and Zvonareva to the semi-finals, Pegulaov and Gauff can count on a victory in two sets. Dabrowsk and Routliffeov are certain leaders of the group, who won all those duels without losing a set.

Krejkov and Siniakov first fell to the German-Russian pair of Siegemund and Zvonarev 3:6, 7:6 and 5:10, then they defeated the Americans Gauff and Pegula 3:6, 7:5 and 10:6. On Friday, they did not confirm the match and after a poor performance they did not stop Dabrowska and Routliffe 4:6, 5:7.

Tournament of Champions website

The first game was decided by a single break, but at 3:3 Siniakov did not recover. then they should have caught up to the score at 4:5, but they failed.

At the end of the second set, they first scored on a return and ran away to a 2:0 lead, but immediately missed the opportunity. And when Siniakov capitulated again on service at 5:5, the soupeys finished the duel without a sweat.

as they were not able to deal with the internal conditions, they spoiled a simple position at st many times, they made eight double faults in total. In the groups of the Tournament, the champions certainly hoped for better results, but they had little hope of progressing to the semi-finals.

Vondrouov ek on the first point

Technically, the left-handed tennis player won points from both matches, Vondrouov was unable to win against Iza Wiatekov or Uns Dbirov. Although she led 5:2 with the Pole in the first set and twice cheated on her win, in the end she did not hit the next shot.

ONLINE: Coco Gauffov vs. Markta Vondrouov

We will be watching the match, which starts at 11:00 p.m. EDT.

After a loss in the first set, she also received a card from Wiatek and lost the first match in Mexico 5:7 and 0:6. Then, in the replay of the summer’s Wimbledon final, which she sensationally won, she did not stop Dbirová.

She struggled with the strong wind, which tormented her mainly in the morning. She fell with the Tunisian for hours and pl 4:6, 3:6.

WTA acknowledges shortcomings

ensk tennis association WTA to point out shortcomings in the organization of the Tournament of Champions. Referring to a letter from Steve Simon’s FA organization, Sports Illustrated reported this. It’s not a perfect tournament and we understand that playing in such conditions is a challenge and the WTA takes responsibility for that, said Simon, who assured that the EU has started working on a fix. (TK)

just. I probably didn’t play in bad conditions. This court is really far away, and when I was about to go to it, I was glad that it was over and that he was going away, and I left for the Tennis World.

In order for Vondrou to have a theoretical chance of advancing to Saturday’s semi-finals from the Chetumal group, she must defeat the young American Gauffova in two sets and at the same time hope that she will defeat Wiatekov Dbirova in the same way.

The ratio of won and lost games in the Vondrouov, Gauffov, Dbirov mini-table would then decide on advancing.

ance had them. I will play it somehow and try to win, she declared for Radiournl Sport. Just a little resigned to the conditions, she added: It’s really a shame, I’m so glad to say the last word and we’re going.

Dleit dohrvka single

Apart from the wind, the tennis players in Mexico suffer so non-stop, because of which the matches are changed and postponed to the next day. In addition to the full heats, there will also be a duel between Aryna Sabalenková and Jelena Rybakinová.

Bloruska and Kazaka compete for the type of procedures instead of the singles of the Bacalar group, they started the game on Thursday, they left the court with a score of 6:2 and 3:5 from Sabalenkov’s point of view. The first place in this group was secured by Amerianka Pegulaov, she won all the matches.

Polka Wiatekov, who will fight with Dbirová, should also be in this fight. In the win, she would have a clear progression, on the other hand, in the event of a loss, the duel between Vondrou and Gauff would have to help her.

The American, together with the paraka Pegulaová, will fight for the first point in the doubles, they will challenge the German-Russian pair Siegemundov and Zvonarev. American Desirae Krawczykov and Dutch Demi Schuursov will face the American-Australian duo Nicole Melicharov-Martinezov and Ellen Perezov in the second group.

Tennis Tournament of Champions in Cannes

hard surface, subsidy 9,000,000 dollars

Singles – Chetumal group
23:00 Coco Gauffov (3-USA) – Market Vondrouov (7-R)
Iga wiatekov (2-Pol.) – Uns Dbirov (6-Tun.)

Singles – Group Bacalar
Aryna Sabalenkov (1-Bl.) – Jelena Rybakinov (4-Kaz.) rematch from 6:2, 3:5

tiger – Mahahual group
Dabrowsk, Routliffeov (7-Kan./N. Zl.) – Krejkov, Siniakov (4-R) 6:4, 7:5
Coco Gauffov, Jessica Pegulaov (1-USA) – Laura Siegemundov, Vra Zvonarevov (6-Nam./Russia)

tiger – Maya Kaan group
19:00 Desirae Krawczykov, Demi Schuursov (5-USA/Netherlands) – Nicole Melicharov-Martinezov, Ellen Perezov (8-USA/Austria)

You can find the results of the last game days HERE.

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