New low, amazing fans. Manchester surprised them with a bizarre rationale for the crisis

New low, amazing fans. Manchester surprised them with a bizarre rationale for the crisis
New low, amazing fans. Manchester surprised them with a bizarre rationale for the crisis

The deep crisis of Manchester United is also said to be to blame for the bad equipment in which the footballers start the matches. According to the English newspaper Daily Mail, they are so dissatisfied with the things delivered that they prefer to play in replicas from the fanshop.

The English newspaper claims that the “Red Devils” complain about the too tight jerseys and studs provided to the club by the German sports goods manufacturer Adidas.

The latter supplies the first team with tighter jerseys than those normally produced for fans. However, according to footballers, they are too tight and you cannot play in them.

One of the players who showed their rude displeasure is goalkeeper Andre Onana, who also demanded a different kit during the match against Sheffield on 21 October.

Some football players solved excessively tight knee socks by cutting holes in them on their calves, which is a common practice even in Czech league clubs.

However, according to the Daily Mail, United have come up with the idea of ​​buying the boots from a fan shop as an interim measure before they resolve the situation directly with Adidas.

The supporters of the club from Old Trafford, however, were rather turned off by the fact that the players blame equipment problems for the poor results.

“We already blamed it on VAR. On the referee. On the injury. On the program. On the owner. On the stadium. The only thing that was missing was the equipment. And here it is,” one fan wrote on social networks.

“This is a new low,” another agreed with him. “We’ve become a laughing stock,” added another.

On Sunday, United lost the league derby at home with City 0:3, on Wednesday they were kicked out of the League Cup after the same result with Newcastle – also in front of their own spectators.

For the first time since 1962, they lost at Old Trafford twice in a row by three or more goals.

For the first time even since the 1930/1931 season, they lost five of the opening ten games of the season at home.

The Sun calculated that the Red Devils have lost 34 games in front of their fans in the Premier League over the past ten years, the same number as legendary manager Alex Ferguson had in his entire 27-year era at the club (1986-2013).

The Sun also demonstrates United’s misery by the fact that in Wednesday’s loss to Newcastle, the hosts had more captains than shots on goal. Casemiro started with the tape, after his injury Victor Lindelof took it and he in turn handed it to the traditional captain Bruno Fernades when he came on as a substitute player.

On the other hand, the “Red Devils” produced only two shots between the posts.

Not surprisingly, according to the English media, coach Eric ten Hag is upset. “I accept responsibility for it. It’s my team and it’s not doing well,” acknowledged the Dutch strategist, whose team is only eighth in the Premier League.

However, he does not intend to resign himself. “I understand that if there are no results, the fans ask about it. But I’m a fighter. I take it as a challenge,” said The Hag.

He came to Old Trafford last May, but he did not improve the famous club in any way, despite receiving a number of star reinforcements (eg Antony, Onana, Mount, Höjlund).

Among his possible successors, the English media count the French legend Zinedine Zidane, the former Chelsea coach Graham Potter, the Italian expert Roberto de Zerbi, who performs miracles with Brighton, Diego Simeone from Atlético Madrid or the former long-time United midfielder Michael Carrick, who was already an assistant to José Mourinho or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Manchester plays at Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday.

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