et hzenki will start the season and preparation for the January Euro against Bosnia

et hzenki will start the season and preparation for the January Euro against Bosnia
et hzenki will start the season and preparation for the January Euro against Bosnia

Sabath’s team will start their first matches since the end of April, when the representatives concluded the European qualification. They last played against Bosnia last year in January at the last Euro and won 27:19.

Both teams were in good form at the end of last season. Sabatho has won six of the last seven duels, Bosan holds the streak. In the group qualifiers, they took the same second place as the Czech Republic as a whole.

Bosnia is not that well-known and famous team, but in each game they play with great quality. Some play in the Champions League, some play in the Bundesliga. They managed to beat Černá Hora and Slovenia in the group stage. It is a team with great potential, Sabat said in a press conference.

His team met in Brno on Monday. The duels with Bosnia will be the last home matches of the national team before the tournament, the preparation for the European Championship culminated in two camps in the middle of the year.

Nejdleitj will continue to progress. We have experienced games in the dark, and those experienced by me, who have not played so much for the national team. It is necessary that they continue in the army. At the Euro, we will have a save every two days, so we will need 16 quality games to perform well for the entire 60 minutes, Sabat said.

In the basic group, even at the Euros, they will compete with the world champions of Denmark, Portugal and newcomers to the championship, Czech Republic. The first two teams in the table advance to the next phase, which will be two style groups.

the Czech team will play the training match in Bosnia on Saturday at 5:00 p.m., Sunday’s rematch in Brno’s Vodova hall will start at 1:00 p.m.

esk nomination

Goals: Tom Mrkva (Kiel/Nem.), imon Mizera (Elverum/Nor.)

The Lion Kdla: Jakub Hrstka (DRHV 06/Nm.), Southern Austria (Dukla Prague)

Leo Clutch: Matj Klma (Leipzig/Germany), Vojtch Patzel (Lbeck-Schwartau/Germany), Dominik Solk (Karvin)

Clutch diameter: Martin Bezina (Kreuzlingen/vc.), Jon Patzel (Karvin), Tom Babk (Bergischer HC/Nm.), Matj Havran (Zub), Luk Mokovsk (Zabrze/Pol.)

Clutch rights: Tom Piroch (Plock/Poland), Stanislav Kaprek (Dinamo Bukure/Romania)

Right to: Josef Hozman (Preov/SR), Mathias Choleva (Frdek-Mstek), Jakub trba (Hamm-Westfalen/Nem.),

Pivots: Vt Reichl (Httenberg/Nem.), tpn Zeman (Gummersbach/Nem.), Daniel Renick (Ostrovia/Pol.)

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