Theft of the century? No, Frodl’s miraculous intervention was captured on video. I wouldn’t recognize the goal, he laughs


The 55th minute of the dramatic and hyped derby was already running. Dominik Frodl trampled his former teammates, making a total of 37 saves. Against Indrák alone, he covered three huge chances. And at first glance, the fourth, the largest. “I didn’t believe it could be a goal at all. “Dominik caught it brilliantly, in my opinion even before the line,” acknowledged the shooter himself.

Television footage did not offer a view from above. Apparently, according to him, in the end, the referees concluded that the disc had crossed the goal line with its entire volume. “We didn’t find a proof shot. But that doesn’t mean the judges don’t have other shots. They simply conceded the goal and we won’t do anything about it,” commented the visiting coach’s assistant Václav Eismann on the questionable situation.

Frodl took the controversial moment in stride. “I wouldn’t recognize him. The referees did it in such a way that I won’t take anything from the intervention,” joked the good-natured goalkeeper. “I’ll be happy to look at it and then write on Twitter what I think about it,” grinned the 27-year-old Energie power forward, who is active on social networks.

And indeed, just a few tens of minutes after the game, he added a post with a photo from the top shot, where his catcher can be seen behind the goal line. However, Frodl jokingly painted over the red line on the picture and added a short ironic comment “He wasn’t”.

Indrák, clearly the most active Pilsen striker in the match, after his shot first slumped against the goalpost and did not realize that he had blocked another goal. A few minutes later, however, he finally rejoiced. He was shaking his head at the switchboard. His first goal for Škoda after returning from Kladno was very unusual. “He had a chance, so he probably deserved the goal,” noted Frodl.

After a troubled start to the season, Indrák is picking up, scoring three times in a row. Paradoxically, in the unconventional position of center, where he fills in for the injured Mertl. “I’m surprised how well this role suits me. I create enough chances, it finally fell to me,” the 28-year-old forward enjoyed.

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FIGHT: HC Škoda Plzeň vs. HC Energie Karlovy Vary 2:3 ppVideo: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

He was only sorry that the blue-and-whites did not complete the turnaround from 0:2 and conceded after only 18 seconds of overtime. Karlovy Vary thus celebrated the victory. And not only on the ice, but also in the auditorium, where during this year’s highest Pilsen attendance of 6,029 spectators, the home supporters cheered. “Great atmosphere. We play hockey for such matches,” Frodl also praised.

Thanks to the fourth away win from the last five duels, Energie maintained the seventh place. At the same time, on their own ice, they have the exact opposite balance of only one win out of five games. “It probably suits us to play from defense and bite from fast counterattacks. Hopefully we will start doing well at home as well,” believes Frodl. “But I don’t have a recipe for it. Even if I had it, I still won’t tell you, And above all, we would already be winning,” smiled the number one from Karlovy Vary.

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