San Jose attacks “records” of horror. Sharks seem to have returned to the nineties

San Jose attacks “records” of horror. Sharks seem to have returned to the nineties
San Jose attacks “records” of horror. Sharks seem to have returned to the nineties

Matěj Hejda, one of the domestic NHL experts, apologized to San Jose Sharks fans before the season. Their team appeared to him to be safely the weakest in the Western Conference, or rather in the NHL. A dismantled line-up, where the carriers of quality are more or less only Tomáš Hertl and Logan Couture (injured on top of everything), but they crush even the darkest expectations.

While in the East the situation is relatively balanced and it may not be impossible for Pittsburgh to get off the bottom, in the West the competition for the Sharks is moving away every week. Double-digit embarrassment with Vancouver on Thursday. Only one point from ten games so far.

It’s a bit reminiscent of the nineties, when new clubs entered the league and often got a hard time from the established ones. San Jose was just one of them. In their first season, 1991-92, they won only 17 duels, lost 58, with 5 draws. In the second balance, it “improved” to 11:71 and 2 draws. This particular year remains the third worst in league history.

1. Washington Capitals (1974-75) 8-5-67 (wins, one point, losses)
2. Philadelphia Quakers (1930-31) 4:4:36
3. San Jose Sharks (1992-93) 11:2:71

It’s early, of course, but if you put San Jose’s 0-1-8 record this year and calculate the percentage of success, the Sharks would reign supreme. That is, if they do not move the rudder strongly, they are currently heading for the worst year in the history of the league.

Next time, the Sharks can equal one miserable record. Only the New York Rangers (1943-44) and the Arizona Coyotes twice (2017-18 and 2021-22) have accumulated more consecutive defeats since the beginning of the season. Each time it was a string of eleven losses.

A “digger” flew across the overseas internet that manning the Sharks’ social media must be the saddest job in the world. What else should you post from a match where the goals keep getting added to your net? After twenty minutes it’s 0:4, after forty 0:8…

Coach David Quinn spoke after the game with the Canucks about a “disturbing performance”, about a “big disappointment”, about a “step back”. And also about the fact that “everyone should look in the mirror”.

The results of the Sharks are of course also reflected in the attendance. With a continuous capacity of 78.5% and 13,694 spectators per game, San Jose is the weakest in the league. If the team does not rise, it can count on another decline. In Vancouver, only 10,719 people (61%) were already in the corridors.

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