epk steel oil. In Kladno, he also spoke about Plekanec: I want his end


Am I relieved that you hid her from the police in the first place?
I’m glad because lately my nails haven’t been falling out so much. I hope it will help me in my future endeavors. The day before, I wasn’t hurt because of the ice, so water wasn’t extra. Then I gave the first goal, which was private, the puck destroyed their game. And with the second goal, we had a magical action, I got a kick in the middle and then I covered it.

In the park from the first flow Filip Chlapk flashed a balance of 1+2. It seems to work for me.
We played the entire production together, but there are some gaps that we can patch up. Let’s talk about it and we want to, and our interplay will go up. I hope we will be better and better.

On the other hand, don’t stick to saving water, you’ve overheated again, this time after 27 minutes. What about that?
We don’t want the soup to go to waste, but it’s okay with him. Let’s talk about it, but we can’t drink to it. We have to close the entrances to the games, it’s going to happen to us every time.

On the other hand, skre otte. Does it show your business?
We are glad that we won in Kladno. The engravings made it less delicate. When we were 3:1 up, they gave a good goal, when the middle game did it, he moved them into the game. We had a lot of breakdowns, even at the end, we have to avoid that. We take away your points, it wasn’t easy here, great atmosphere. It’s good to get up, we knew he was playing LP not at the beginning of the season. This is Plzeň, we will try to win before the national team takes a break.

Is it time that you immediately reacted positively to the pork in the Pardubice lder?
There it was about gl and it goes without saying that we beat you. We would like to do some del related series to honor the time. The first step is against Pilsen on Sunday, then we will rest in the national team break, spend some time and prepare for the next match.

The Sparta hockey player rejoices at the win.

Was it an honor that Kladno was left by captain Tom Plekanec, who ended his career?
They lost a lot of quality game, which they will probably miss. He was good at bullies, weakened, and even in the pesilovce, he scattered the pucks well. A complex game, a great leader and I think they probably won’t be able to replace him this season.

Peppil vs his end?
I didn’t even know it was filling, probably some kind of injured back. There would have to be an operation, long-term rehabilitation, so chpu, he didn’t want to undergo this at his age. He got another position in the company, he got a coaching job. Both Kladna and Eskmu nroku pome differently.

How did they stack up against him?
He was a great game, but I didn’t meet him much, that’s fine. Of course we know that he was very unpleasant, that he had his bulls sharpened. He made the cadmu bullai sound bad, that was his strong suit.

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