Mr. Olympia 2023: how was the semi-final?


On the 3rd and 4th of November in the premises of Florida’s Orange County Convention Center, Joe Weider’s five-year Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend will take place, of course the top meeting of professional bodybuilders from the open Mr. Olympia. Twenty-four tkotonniks qualified for the fifty-ninth year of the changing club, of which seven subsequently had to apologize to the applicants. For various reasons, Mamdouh Elssbiay, Iain Valliere, Brett Wilkin, Kamal Elgargni, Behrooz Tabani, Nathan De Asha and Nick Walker did not use their qualifications. Not to be outdone, and by the time Mr. The semi-final fights took place at Olympia in the evening, it was not clear how it would be with the start of Brandon Curry.

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Semifinalists selected:
1. Chinedu, Dauda, ​​Lunsford, Curry, Labrada, Choopan
2. Mostafa, KrinkBurton, Grimes, Griffen
3. Shier, Flanigan, Clahar, Presti, Fritz, Leguerrier
4. chined, KrinkCurry, Labrada
5. Dauda, ​​Lunsford, Choopan

On Thursday, there was a lot of talk about Brandon’s health and the fact that he might not be allowed to join the seductress. The changing ampine Mr. Olympia from 2019, however, had a lot to do with the goals and came out just short of prejudging. In a video he published on Instagram, some wild person made theories about coppers and fans, but he immediately admitted that he was worried about his health, and that’s why he sought a doctor. In the last few days, his throat started to get sore, and because he wanted to be sure that the beast of prey did not endanger his health in any significant way, he preferred to go to the hospital to undergo all possible treatment. She showed me that she was going to break out into acute sweats with an alluded lead, which I had no idea about until now. After all the tests, he was released from the hospital, and since they did not show anything that could threaten his life, he was given permission by the doctor. This was subsequently granted to him by the organizer of the Olympia Weekend, and his start was therefore not hampered by anything.



Semifinal fights at Mr. Olympia 2023 (photo: Frantiek Zmola)

In the end, even for Brandon Curry, prejudging could catch up. In his water minutes, they showed that the most prominent favorites for the competition, Samson Dauda, ​​Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan, led, at least as far as overall muscle development is concerned, better than last year. All of them were selected by the main judge Steve Weinberger in the first semi-final of the year, where they were joined by Andrew Chinedu, Hunter Labrada and the aforementioned Curry, only considering the situation on the stage he was in very good form. In the middle of this stylish callout, Derek and Hadi started. Hadi was better against Derek in the elbow positions, where he gained significantly more detail, Lunsford, because of his Rhine soup, peddling in the back pains, especially in the double biceps from behind. He’s really phenomenal! Samson put up with Derek’s sweat in his position. For Dauda, ​​in this mini-fight with Choopan, his body structure and age played a role, but Hadi protected Samson with his brace similar to Derek’s before.



Semifinal fights at Mr. Olympia 2023 (photo: Frantiek Zmola)

Derek, Samson and Hadi emerged as the clear five medalists from the first selection. Hunter, Andrew and Brandon could “only” grind to fourth and sixth place at that time. In the second round, ada chose the Slovak tkotonnik Michal Krink. In ptilenn ad he called from the middle, and at that moment he was closest to seventh place. But later, Michal got the chance to turn on you guys! the chosen quarter belonged to him, Andrew, Hunter and Brandon. It seemed that while Chinedu and Curry were fighting for the fourth place, Michal was messing with Labrada for the eighth! Choopan, Lunsford and Daud were last chosen all evening. All of them stood in the middle of the row during it, and all of them could find a reason why they would be good amps Mr. Olympia first them. Don’t miss out, don’t watch them crack the decision all night from Saturday to Sunday at the Orange County Convention Center!



Semifinal fights at Mr. Olympia 2023 (photo: Frantiek Zmola)

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