VIDEO: Miner’s chants sounded powerfully in Karvina. See what the march looked like


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Football players of Baník Ostrava will start the duel of the 14th round of FORTUNA:LIGA at MFK Karviná today at 3 p.m. However, the supporters of the Silesia-Ostrava team gathered in Karviná almost three hours early and then set off together for a parade through the city. This is how it looked in Karviná a few hours before the match.

Miner’s chants sounded powerfully through the Karvina. See what the march looked like on November 5, 2023.

| Video: Diary/Petr Jiříček

A group of several hundred miners set off from Masaryk Square along Fryštátská Street and 17th November Avenue to the stadium in Rája. There were flags, drums, and smokestacks. An essential stop was also the Karvina prison and chanting “welcome to prison” – even with a real miner’s answer.

Baník Ostrava fans march before the match with Zlín (September 23, 2023).

Baník fans will go to Karvina before the derby. Former captain: In black and with scarves!

During the march, the fans emphasized that Karviná is also the town of Baník and prepared a one-time chant especially for this march. The miners arrived in Karviná dressed as one man – all in black.

According to the allocated tickets, approximately nine hundred miners are expected to be present in the stands, others could buy tickets according to their own axis.

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