We weren’t as disgusting as we could be. Trpiovsko did not fight against Pilsen

We weren’t as disgusting as we could be. Trpiovsko did not fight against Pilsen
We weren’t as disgusting as we could be. Trpiovsko did not fight against Pilsen

In the league, after the third round, there is no undefeated team, and Slavia did not move to the first place before Sparta. The table is suffering because I don’t eat it, responded Trpiovsk. Sleep in my head, because we didn’t finish it, because we weren’t what we can be.

Can you explain the loss to me?
As time progressed, the power worsened, while Plzeň consolidated. Most of the situations resulted from quick play, from the essence of the game. We were late, they didn’t catch the nbh… code. It is necessary to let soupee into two words nbh.

Even in the statistics vs. Plzeň pedila.
He’s a teller. She played for a long time, we had some problems with Ibra Traor, he won an awful lot of fights. On the contrary, we beat them, to my taste and power, especially after the change of sides. We weren’t aggressive, we weren’t as nasty as we can be. We have to break it down.

Is there a bug in my current game as Traor? You in the rotation?
Ibra confirmed what we all know: these great saves are um. Grow in them, he showed it for several years with us. His mental abilities would suit him, he chose me. It’s not much to see, but I’ll help you with games and experiences. You at the first goal – he quickly played the standard, turned the game around and that’s how it happened. It is a superior game.

In general, you can help yourself in similar matches. They didn’t do so well this time, do you agree?
It is so. The game was decided by Matje Jurska, who we had to replace a few minutes after going to the turf. We wanted to rely on him a lot, we prepared him to come into the game around eleven minutes to help us. The performance in the second round was generally poor and even the week did not help to change it this time. We wanted to create pressure, but the only result was a stele…

How is Jursek doing? His wound did not look old.
Matj will not be 100% ready for Thursday against him, it will be a long time. At first, they are concerned that the bones could perhaps be in the shoe, but the soft tissue damage is well outside.

Pilsen coach Koubek has an excellent record of five wins and only two losses against them. Did he mean something special to you, or is it a coincidence?
I know him very well, he is a great coach, very underrated. We know about his qualities. And against them, be very productive. I know him from going to Kladno as a teenager once, I know how good a coach he is, how he sees football, how he relies on certain things. And this proves it.

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